KAI - Peaches

  • I. Introduction

    Peaches is KAI's second mini album. It has the title track of the same name, and it was released on November 30, 2021.

    II. Background

    The release of Peaches was announced on November 10, 2021 with a teaser image. Pre-orders for the mini album opened promptly after. The album schedule was revealed on November 17. After that, various mood samplers and concept photos were released. On November 30, a countdown live was held before the release in which KAI explained the making and concept of the songs. The mini album and the MV for the title track Peaches came out shortly after.

    III. Track List

    Title Lyrics Composition Length
    ***Peaches Kim Anna
    WOLFGANG, Zach Sorgen, Ryan S.Jhun, Alawn, Yoo Young Jin
    Vanilla January 8th
    Aram Max Vehuni
    Domino THAMA Nathan Cunningham, Marc Sibley, Benjamin Shapiro
    Come In
    Hyun Ji Won, makeumine works
    Rick Parkhouse, George Tizzard, Shakka Philip
    To Be Honest
    Mola Blag Tuxedo, Dewain Whitmore
    Blue Jang Han Bit
    Zachary Wiznitzer, Matthew T. Wigger, Brady Tutton, Edith Hedwig Bogusiawski, Stanley Greene Jr., Ryan S. Jhun

    IV. Spotify Playlist

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    V. Videos

    VI. Concept Photos

    VII. Reception

    For first day sales on Hanteo, Peaches sold over 95,000 copies on Hanteo. It also debuted at #3 on Bugs and #107 on Genie, and #59 on Melon's Real Time Song Chart. It also reached Golden Certification on QQ Music.