Xdinary Heroes

  • I. Introduction

    Xdinary Heroes is an upcoming band under JYP Entertainment. They are set to debut with their single Happy Death Day on December 6, 2021. Their current lineup is Jooyeon, Jun Han, Jungsu, Gaon, O.de, and Gunil

    II. Career

    Back on July 13, 2021, JYP Entertainment applied for a trademark right for Xdinary Heroes, arousing rumors of a new group.

    JYP Entertainment then dropped a teaser that said "Coming up Next" on October 24. Which was alluding to the group's debut. They then released a new teaser on November 1 that said, "Heroes are Coming".

    The groups name was revealed to be Xdinary Heroes on November 8, and social media accounts were opened on the same day.

    Jooyeon was revealed to be the first member on November 15, then O.de, Gaon, Jun Han, Jungsu, and Gunil were revealed individually on each day ater up until November 20. The teaser video Origin of Xdinary Heroes was dropped on November 21.

    More performance videos of each member playing their respective instrument were dropped from November 22 to 27.

    Their debut date was officially announced on November 29, and they were also revealed to be debuting with their single Happy Death Day. They are set to drop more teasers up until the full release on December 6, 2021.

    III. Members

    Birth Name: Goo Gun Il
    Born in 1998/199
    Birth Name: Kim Jung Su
    Born in 2001/2002
    Birth Name: Lee Joo Yeon
    Born in 2002
    Bass Guitar
    Birth Name: Oh Seung Min
    Born on June 11, 2002
    Birth Name: Kwak Ji Seok
    Born in 2002
    Lead Guitarist
    Jun Han
    Birth Name: Han Hyeong Jun
    Born in August, 2002
    Rhythm Guitarist

    IV. Discography

    - Happy Death Day
    Single December 4, 2021

    V. Videos

    Origin of Xdinary Heroes

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    VI. Trivia

    • Gunil was a previous member of Berklee's K-Pop project band TODAY'S MENU
    • Jungsu trained for around three years
    • Jooyeon and O.de entered JYP Entertainment via a private audition
    • Gaon used to be in a co-ed band during middle school
    • Jun has the nickname "Han Anchovy" due to his skinny look

    (Credit to kprofiles.com)