Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident

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    I. Introduction

    Heartbeat Broadcasting Accident is a 2021 South Korean office romance that involves unrequited love, influencer rivals, and a love triangle. The leads in the web drama are SF9’s Zuho, Im Na Young (Former Pristin), Lee Hyun Joo (Former April), & Jung Min Gyu. It was aired from Oct 27 to Nov 25, 2021 & currently available on Shallwe Play YouTube channel &, NaverTV.

    II. Synopsis

    A fantasy office drama where Yoon Yi Seo, a young woman in her twenties, begins working at a live commerce platform. She will encounter challenges in both work and love, as she finds herself in the middle of a love struggle between her first love Cha Sun Woo and her longtime friend Kwon Hyuk.

    III. Teaser

    IV. Episodes

    V. OST

    VI. Reception

    The 10 episodes web drama has scored 7.5 on Mydramalist.