• Stage Name: Wooju
    Birth Name: Cho Wooju

    Group: BLITZERS
    Positions: Vocalist, Maknae

    Birthday: January 21, 2004

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    Identity Number: 95

    II. Career

    I. 2020–2021: BLITZERS

    On March 24, 2020, Wooju was announced as a member of Wuzo's upcoming boy group, WUZOCIRCLE (now known as BLITZERS).

    On January 29, 2021, he was reintroduced as the first member of BLITZERS.

    He then made his debut with the group on May 12 with their debut EP Check-In.

    III. Wooju Facts

    – He was officially revealed on March 24, 2020 as a member of BLITZERS.

    – His nickname is “Spacecho.”

    – The animal that represents him is a fox.

    – His charm points are his innocence and cuteness.

    – If he were to have a superpower it would be the ability to stop time.

    – He is a cat person and has a cat named Leo (레오).

    – He has brothers.

    – If he wasn’t an idol, he would become an actor.

    – His favorite movie genres are action and melodrama.

    – If given the chance, he would like to act in a drama like Reply 1988.

    – He relives stress by listening to music.

    -One of his favourite songs is “It’s You” by Henry.

    – He puts the soup first in ramen.

    – He can make himself cry under 10 seconds.

    – He attends the Goyang High School of Arts.

    – He like to wear colorful pajamas.

    – He relieves stress by practicing, especially when he turns off lights and practices. When he does this, he feels great about himself.

    – His role model is Doyoung from NCT because he wants to be able to sing like him.