• BE:FIRST is an 7 member big J-Pop Boy Group. The group was founded through the survival show 'THE FIRST' created by the Japanese rapper SKY-HI and aired on Hulu and fully English subed on Youtube.

    The group is signed to BMSG as their agency, a company owned by rapper SKY-HI and Avex Entertainment as the producing company.

    BE:FIRST made their debut on November 3rd, 2021 with their first single called 'Gifted'


    BE:FIRST was formed through the reality competition show THE FIRST from April 2nd to August 13th, 2021. The first episode was uploaded later on May 1st fully English subed to Youtube. The final member where annoucned in the last episode and released a pre-debut MV called 'SHINING ONE' later on the 16th of August.


    Even before their official debut, 3 member of BE:FIRST endorsed and collaborated with PRADA.


    Ikagame Junon (池亀樹音)

    Born: May 23rd, 1998
    Height: 1,83m
    Position: Main Vocalist

    Miyama Ryoki (三山凌輝)

    Born: April 26th, 1999
    Height: 1,77m
    Position: Rapper, Vocalist

    Shimao Sota (島雄壮大)

    Born: January18th, 2001
    Height: 1,74m
    Position: Main Rapper

    Kubo Shunto (久保舜斗)

    Born: September 1st, 2003
    Height: 1,74m
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper

    Hirose Manato

    Born: April 29th, 2001
    Height: 1,73m
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper

    Kamimura Leo (上村礼王)

    Born: August 8th, 1998
    Height: 1,79m
    Position: Vocalist

    Kuroda Ryuhei (黒田竜平)

    Born: November 7th, 2006
    Height: 1,83m
    Position: Vocalist


    Year Award Show Cathegory Result
    2021 MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2021 Rising Star Award Won
    2021 63rd Japan Record Award Best New Artist 2021 Nominated
    2022 Japan Golden Disc Award 2022 Best 5 New Artists Won
    2022 MTV Video Music Award Japan 2022 Best R&B video Won
    2022 64rd Japan Record Award Excellent Work Award Won
    2023 CD Shop Award Blue Award Won
    2023 MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2023 Best Group Award Won
    2023 MTV European Music Award 2023 Best Asian Act
    2023 65rd Japan Record Award Excellent Work AwardWon
    2024 CD Shop Award Live AwardWon