Miracles in December

  • I. Introduction

    Miracles in December is the second extended play by EXO.

    It was released on December 9, 2013, presented as a special winter album Miracles in December is the follow up to EXO's first full album XOXO released in June 2013.
    Like all of the group's music, the EP has Korean and Chinese versions. The EP is also the group's second release as well as first EP to be promoted extensively being as a combined group. Its singles were "Miracles in December" and "Christmas Day".

    Miracles in December was chosen as the title track and first single of the mini album and along with "Christmas Day" was presented live on several local musical performances and concerts during the promotion.

    II. Commercial Performance

    "Miracles in December" attracts many positive reviews and commercial success.The Korean version was ranked number 2 in Gaon Singles Chart and number 3 in Korea Kpop Hot 100, as to the Mandarin version, it was ranked number nine in Baidu Weekly Music Chart and led Gaon International Singles chart.

    The EP finished at numbers 1 and 2 both weekly and monthly on Gaon Album Chart and it sold also more than 555k copies.

    II. Music and Background

    Miracles in December is a pop ballad with classical piano accompaniment that was composed and arranged by composers veterans such as Andreas Johansson Stone and Rick Hanley in collaboration with the production team of SM Ent.

    The korean version is sang by Baekhyun, Chen and D.O while the mandarin version by Chen, Baekhyun and Luhan.

    The song talks about a man who recalls with nostalgia the relationship with his former girlfriend and his desire to return to it, but cannot do so because of the shame and guilt.

    The music videos for "Miracles in December" were directed by Jo So-hyun and were filmed in Paju, Gyeonggi-do and in a studio in Ilsan near Seoul.

    K-pop critic "Seoulbeats" gave a positive review of the song saying that "it's really worth all the hype that it's receiving." Analysis indicated that "Miracles in December" just grows and grows throughout its duration and commended the harmonization as "a thing of beauty".

    III. Tracklist

    1. Miracles in December

    2. Christmas Day

    3. The Star

    4. My turn to Cry

    5. The First Snow

    6. Miracles in December (classical orchestra version)

    III. MV and Album Tracks


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