• I. Introduction

    VEDO is an American R&B singer and songwriter who writes and records his own music, as well as writing multiplatinum selling songs for American singers like Usher, Ella Mae and Chris Brown and Kpop artists like EXO, Baekhyun and NCT. VEDO works primarily with SM Entertainment, creating R&B-infused songs like WayV's "Bad Alive" and NCT 127's "Regular," as well as crafting these groups' English-language song versions.

    II. Career

    VEDO began recording in 2011, before auditioning for the popular American TV show "The Voice." He finished in the top 12, then continued to write and record songs for himself and other artists. He began working with SM Entertainment, beginning with the song "Going Crazy" for EXO. He continued writing songs for other SM artists, including Lay, Baekhyun, NCT 127, WayV, CIX and SuperM. In addition to composing and arranging, he also wrote the lyrics for several popular English language songs, as well as recording some backing vocals. He often works with the team of Mike Daley and Mitchell Owens.

    III. Discography

    This is only limited to his work in Kpop and Cpop.

    Title Artist Name Album Release Date Credit Charts
    "Prism" SHINee 1 of 1 2016 Composer KOR: #52
    "내가 미쳐 (Going Crazy)"
    Korean, Chinese versions
    EXO The War 2017 Composer, Producer
    KOR: #23
    Korean, English versions
    NCT 127 Regular-Irregular 2018 Lyricist (English version), Composer KOR: #92

    US: #2 world
    "Thing For You"
    Korean, English versions
    Lay Namanana 2018 Lyricist (English version), Producer -
    "Regular" Chinese version WayV The Vision 2019 Composer US: #3 World
    " 无翼而飞 (Take Off)" WayV Take Off 2019 Composer US: #25 World
    "真实谎言 (Say It)" WayV Take Off 2019 Composer -
    "Highway to Heaven"
    Korean, English versions
    NCT 127 We Are Superhuman / English version: single 2019 Lyricist (English version), Composer, Producer US: #5 world
    "Jet Lag" NCT 127 We Are Superhuman 2019 Composer -
    "My New World" CIX Hello, Chapter 1. Hello Stranger (Japanese version) 2019 Composer -
    "Love Me Now" NCT 127 Neo Zone 2020 Composer KOR: #141
    "R U Ridin?" Baekhyun Delight 2020 Composer KOR: #67
    "执迷 (Unbreakable)" WayV Awaken the World 2020 Composer -
    "Bad Alive"
    Chinese, English versions
    WayV Awaken the World 2020 Lyricist (English version), Composer US: #12 World
    "Monster" SuperM Super One 2020 Lyricist, Composer, Producer -
    "One (Monster & Infinity)" SuperM Super One 2020 Lyricist, Composer, Producer US: #7 world
    "Work It" NCT U NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 2 2020 Composer, Producer KOR: #123

    US: #23 world
    "Resonance" NCT 2020 Resonance single 2020 Composer, Producer US: #14 world
    "First Love" NCT 127 Loveholic 2021 Lyricist, Composer JPN: #71

    IV. Videography

    This is limited only to his work in Kpop and Cpop.


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