• I. Introduction

    4L (포엘) was a four-member girl group under Jade Contents Media.

    II. Career

    They debuted on August 4, 2014 with the single "Move".

    In early 2015, member Yeseul left the group to go solo and they quietly disbanded shortly after.

    III. Members

    Member Profile
    Stage Name: J-NA (제이나)

    Birth Name: Jung Jinhwa (정진화)

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Birthday: September 1, 1988

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Height: 164 cm (5’3″)

    Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
    Stage Name: Chany (차니)

    Birth Name: Park Chanhee (박찬희)

    Position: Leader, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

    Birthday: February 21, 1989

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    Height: 165 cm (5’4″)

    Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
    Stage Name: Yeseul (예슬)

    Birth Name: Kang Yewon (강예원)

    Position: Lead Vocalist

    Birthday: March 6, 1989

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    Height: 170 cm (5’5″)

    Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)
    Stage Name: Jayoung (자영)

    Birth Name: Yoo Jayoung (유자영)

    Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae

    Birthday: June 20, 1990

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    Height: 160 cm (5’2″)

    Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)

    IV. Discography

    Digital Single(s)

    Cover Title Date of Release
    "Move" 2014