SuperBand 2

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    SuperBand 2 (슈퍼밴드2) is a reality survival show that was broadcasted on JTBC. It is the sequel to SuperBand, where band Hoppipolla was formed. Unlike SuperBand, SuperBand 2 features both male and female musicians. An episode 0 was broadcasted on June 21 as a prologue episode titled "SuperBand 2 Begins". Episode 8 was supposed to air on August 19 but was postponed to August 23 due to delayed recording in the aftermath of COVID-19. Just like SuperBand, SuperBand 2 invites indie musicians to collaborate and create original harmonies together as a band. Once each individual musicians pass the preliminary rounds, the contestants will form a band of their own choice and compete against each other in the battle rounds. The contestants will include musicians of all different backgrounds, performing classical music, K-pop, rock, EDM, hip hop, musicals, jazz, and more.

    I. Cast

    Cast Position
    Yoon Jong Shin Judge
    Yoon Sang Judge
    CL Judge
    Yoo Hee Yeol Judge
    Lee Sang Soon Judge
    Jeon Hyun Moo MC

    II. Contestants

    Name Position Note
    Demian Vocal
    Kim Hankyeom Vocal Former CAP-TEEN contestant
    Moon Sujin Vocal
    J.UNA Vocal
    Kim Yeji Vocal Former The Voice Korea contestant
    Vince Vocal Member of rock band Crackshot
    DAVII Vocal
    Lim Yoonseong Vocal
    KiTak Vocal
    Leenzy Vocal
    David Oh Vocal Former Star Audition contestant
    Lee Dongheon Vocal Member of rock band ESEGYE
    nokdu Vocal
    Seonjae Vocal Rapper under the name "snaze"
    Seonghyuk Vocal Member of rock band Confined White
    Son Jinwook Vocal Member of rock band DANGGISIO
    Yang Seojin Vocal Member of the female duo Lofibaby
    Yoo Hwanjoo Vocal Member of the rock band Hwanho
    Lee Hanseo Vocal Member of band Handado
    Danny Koo Violin
    Yoon Hyunsang Vibraphone
    You Byoungwook Percussion Member of the world music trio VANDI
    Park Daul Korean harp
    Kim Joonseo Piano
    Kim Daham Piano Member of band Handado
    Oh Eunchul Piano Worked for group Forte di Quattro
    Willy K Guitar Member of rock band Crackshot
    Kim Sunghyeon Guitar
    Jeong Minhyuk Guitar Member of rock band Lacuna
    Jung Seokhoon Guitar Member of the rock band Paper Brick
    Cho Hyukjin Guitar Member of rock band D.COY
    Yoon Dayoung Gayageum Member of the duo CelloGayageum
    Lee Daon Electric guitar Youngest contestant (born in 2010)
    Hwang Leen Electric guitar Member of rock band ABTB
    Jeong Nayoung Electric guitar
    Chopra Kaya Drums
    Eun Ahkyung Drums
    Danny Lee Drums Member of rock band Crackshot
    Yubin Drums
    Jo Kihun Drums
    Kim Seulong Drums Member of the rock duo ToXic
    Jeon Seongbae Drums AOMG in-house drummer
    Song Duyong Drums Member of band Handado
    Jang Wonyoung Drums
    Hwang Hyunjo DJ Half of the female duo Lofibaby
    Ludi DJ
    Jang Haeun Classical guitar
    Kim Sol Daniel Cello Half of the duo CelloGayageum
    Byun Jeongho Bass
    Cyan Bass Member of rock band Crackshot
    Yang Jang Semin Bass
    Moon Seonghyuk Bass Member of rock band ESEGYE
    Hwang Inkyu Bass Member of rock band MOVNING
    Kim Jinsan Acoustic guitar

    III. Bands

    These bands were formed in the 12th episode and stayed until the final episode.

    Band Members
    poco a poco (포코아포코) J.UNA (frontman, vocal, guitar)
    Jang Haeun (classical guitar, vocal)
    Kim Jinsan (acoustic guitar)
    Jeong Minhyuk (guitar)
    CRAXILVER (크락실버) Willy K (frontman, electric guitar)
    Vince (vocal)
    Oh Eunchul (piano/keyboard)
    Danny Lee (drums)
    Cyan (bass)
    CNEMA (시네마) KiTak (frontman, vocal, guitar)
    Kim Seulong (drums)
    Byun Jeongho (bass)
    Lim Yoonseong (vocal, keyboard, trumpet)
    The Whales (더 웨일즈) Yang Jang Semin (frontman, bass)
    Jo Kihun (drums)
    Kim Hankyeom (vocal, guitar)
    Jung Seokhoon (guitar)
    Kim Joonseo (piano/keyboard)
    THE FIX (더 픽스) Leenzy (frontman, vocal)
    Hwang Hyunjo (DJ, guitar, bass, keyboard, synthetizer)
    Jeong Nayoung (electric guitar)
    Eun Ahkyung (drums)
    KARDI (카디) Hwang Leen (frontman, electric guitar)
    Kim Yeji (vocal)
    Park Daul (korean harp)
    Hwang Inkyu (bass)
    Jeon Seongbae (drums)

    IV. Results

    Band Rank
    CNEMA 2nd
    KARDI 3rd
    THE FIX 4th
    poco a poco 5th
    The Whales 6th