• I. Introduction

    Exodus is the second full-length album by EXO.
    It was released on March 30, 2015 with "Call Me Baby" serving as the album's title track. A repackage titled Love Me Right was released on June 3, 2015.

    The physical version of the album was released in 20 different covers. Each member is featured on one cover, in both the Korean and Chinese versions.

    The Korean versions are colored gold while the Chinese versions are silver. When aligned, the spines of all the albums together create their logo.

    II. Commercial Performance

    Exo had the largest sales volume in the shortest amount of time for any K-pop artist at the time, selling more than one million copies in two months.

    According to SM Entertainment, pre-orders for Exodus reached 502,440 copies (321,200 in Korean and 181,240 in Chinese), already passing the half million mark.

    Domestically, the Korean version of the album topped the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart

    for 4 consecutive weeks. Exodus became the best-selling album in the first quarter of 2015, only two days after its release on March 30.

    In Japan, both albums entered the top 10 of the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart

    peaking at numbers four (Korean) and seven (Chinese).

    The combined version of the album sold over 6,000 copies in the United States, and charted at number 95 on the Billboard 200 in its initial week.

    III. Singles and Release

    Suho stated that he had never thought about the sales numbers after the release of the album, and just wanted to bring new music to fans of the group.

    He said that the only thing on the members' mind whilst making the album was for the listeners to enjoy it and he concluded by saying that it would be a new start for Exo.

    There are 10 songs that span a number of genres including Dance, R&B and ballad.

    The album features the lyrics from Teddy Riley, Kenzie and also SHINee Jonghyun's who wrote the lyrics of the b-side Playboy and produced it.
    The songs "El Dorado" and "Beautiful" from the album, were previously used three years prior, when SM Entertainment released the teasers for the band members. The songs used then were only short drafts and clips from the songs and had no lyrics

    IV. Tracklist

    1. Love Me Right

    2. Tender Love

    3. Call Me Baby

    4. Transformer

    5. What If

    6. My Answer (sang by Baekhyun, D.O and Suho)

    7. Exodus

    8. El Dorado

    9. Playboy

    10. First Love

    11. Hurt

    12. Lady Luck

    13. Beautiful

    14. Promise

    V. MV and Album Tracks