Cho Changho

  • I. Introduction

    Cho Chang-ho is a South Korean film director and screenwriter. Cho wrote and directed The Peter Pan Formula (2006) and Lovers Vanished (2010).

    II. Career

    Born in 1972 in Hongcheon County, Cho Chang-ho studied film directing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. He began his filmmaking career as an assistant director on Yim Soon-rye's Three Friends (1996), Kim Ki-duk's Birdcage Inn (1998) and Bad Guy (2002), and Byun Hyuk's Interview (2000). In 2002, Cho wrote and directed A Little Indian Boy, a short film about a disabled boy and his sister who live by the seashore.

    He made his feature directorial debut in 2005 with The Peter Pan Formula, a coming-of-age film about a high school swimming prodigy who suddenly decides to quit, then faces skyrocketing credit card bills when his mother becomes comatose after a suicide attempt. It was invited to screen at several international film festivals, and it took the Jury Prize at the 9th Deauville Asian Film Festival, while Cho won Best Young Director (or Best First Feature Film) at the 27th Durban International Film Festival (On Joo-wan won Best Actor at DIFF as well). The Peter Pan Formula received a theatrical release in South Korea in 2006.

    In 2007, alongside fellow directors Park Soo-young and Kim Sung-ho, Cho joined Fantastic Parasuicides, an omnibus of three short films that center on people who undergo surreal experiences in the moment they decide to kill themselves.

    Cho then cast Kim Nam-gil and Hwang Woo-seul-hye in Lovers Vanished (2010), a moody melodrama about an HIV/AIDS-infected fugitive who becomes the chef of an emotionally withdrawn restaurateur.

    III. Filmography

    Assistant Director

    Year Title
    1996 Three Friends
    1998 Birdcage Inn
    2000 Interview
    2002 Bad Guy


    Year Poster Title
    2002 ... A Little Indian Boy
    2006 The Peter Pan Formula
    2007 Fantastic Parasuicides
    2010 Lovers Vanished
    2015 Another Way

    IV. Awards

    Year Award Ceremony Category Nominated Work
    2006 27th Durban International Film Festival Best Young Director The Peter Pan Formula