Lion Heart

  • I. Introduction

    Lion Heart is the fifth Korean full-length album by SNSD.

    It was initially released online in two parts; the first six songs including one of the title tracks "Lion Heart" at 12:00PM KST on August 18, with the remaining six songs with the other title track "You Think" at 12:00AM KST on August 19.

    Party was pre-released on July 7, 2015.

    II. Tracklist

    1. Lion Heart

    2. You Think

    3. Party

    4. One Afternoon

    5. Show Girls (korean version)

    6. Fire Alarm

    7. Talk Talk

    8. Green Light

    9. Paradise

    10. Check

    11. Sign

    12. Bump It

    III. MV and Album Tracks


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    • if you do not mind me asking, would you mind leaving the JPN SNSD albums for me to do, I have some photo scans from the albums I would love to use <3 I will let you nab all the Korean ones :-)

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