Hi Suhyun

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    I. Introduction

    Hi Suhyun was a South Korean duo formed by YG Entertainment as a sub-unit project in 2014, consisting of Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun from Akdong Musician.

    II. Career

    The duo debuted with a single, I'm Different, in November 11, 2014 which was the only release before the duo's inactivity since 2014 and, after Lee Hi's departure on December 31, 2019, they are considered disbanded.

    III. Members

    Lee Hi
    September 23, 1996 (Bucheon, South Korea)
    Main Vocalist
    May 4, 1999 (Uijeongbu, South Korea)
    LeadVocalist, Maknae

    IV. Discography

    220px-Hi_Suhyun_I%27m_Different_cover.jpeg I'm Different Digital Single November 11, 2014

    V. Awards & Nominations

    Year Ceremony Award Result
    2015 Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Nominated
    2015 Seoul Music Awards Popularity Award Nominated
    2015 Seoul Music Awards Hallyu Special Award Nominated

    VI. Trivia

    The name comes from a combination of theirs (Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun).