Cosmic Girl (Jooyi)

  • I. Introduction

    Cosmic Girl (코스믹 걸, also known as Jooyi (주이) or Lucy (루시)) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper. She is a former member of the girl group RaNia.

    She made her solo debut on September 19, 2016 with the single "No More".

    II. Career

    She debuted as a member of RaNia (then known under the stage name Lucy) in the group's original lineup, with the group's first mini album Teddy Riley, The First Expansion In Asia.

    After the release of RaNia's second digital single "Style", she didn't participate in the promotions, although DR Music claimed that she still was a member of the group.

    In January 2015, she stopped attending performances with the group, to which DR said that she was simply on a hiatus.

    On November 4, 2015 DR announced that Jooyi together with Yina decided to leave the group.

    She made her solo debut on September 19, 2016 with the digital single "No More".

    On November 29, 2016 she released her second digital single "Don't You Worry 'Bout Me".

    On August 13, 2017 Cosmic Girl released her third digital single "I'm OK".

    On October 13, 2018 she collaborated with Solar of MAMAMOO and released the digital single "Lie Ya".

    III. Discography

    Digital Single(s)

    Cover Title Date of Release
    "No More" 2016
    "Don't You Worry 'Bout Me" 2016
    "I'm OK" 2017


    Cover Title Date of Release
    "Lie Ya" (with Solar) 2018
    "Dilemma" (with CR KIM) 2021


    Cover Title Date of Release
    "My Lovely Girl OST Part 3" (as Jooyi) 2014

    IV. Trivia

    • Hobbies: Watching movies