• I. Introduction

    Hoot is the third mini album by SNSD and it was released on October 27, 2010.

    The mini-album was later released in Japan with a slightly different tracklist (but the same original Korean songs).

    All the songs included on this mini-album and its different versions were Korean-language songs.

    The album contains a total of 5 songs, including an R&B ballad called "Mistake" wrote by member Yuri.

    II. Commercial Performance

    A day before the Korean edition of the mini-album was released it received 150,000 pre-orders. The mini-album
    reached #3 on the Gaon 2010 yearly charts with 163,066 copies sold, and a total of 192,375 copies as of 2015. Overseas, it is Girls' Generation best-selling Korean album in Japan, selling 171,294+ copies.

    III. Tracklist

    1. Hoot
    2. Mistake

    3. My Best Friend

    4. Wake Up

    5. Snowy Wish

    IV. MV and Album Tracks