• I. Introduction

    Pinocchio is the first full album by F(x), it was released on April 20, 2011, with "Pinocchio (Danger)" being used as its title track.

    "Gangsta Boy" was also performed during the album promotions. The album was later repackaged under the name Hot Summer which was released on June 14, 2011.

    This repackage includes the singles "Hot Summer", "LA chA TA" and "Chu~♡", and the OST single "...Is It OK?".

    II. Tracklist

    1. Hot Summer

    2. Pinocchio (Danger)

    3. Sweet Witches

    4. ...Is it OK?

    5. Dangerous

    6. Beautiful Goodbye

    7. Gangsta Boy

    8. Love

    9. Stand Up!

    10. My Style

    11. So Into U

    12. Lollipop (feat SHINee)

    13. La chA TA

    14. Chu~♡

    - The track "Lollipop" with SHINee is a Korean version of their Chinese release of the same name with Chinese boyband M.I.C for a LG commercial.

    - The song "Hot Summer" is a Korean reinterpretation of the song of the same name by German girl group Monrose.

    III. MVS and Album Tracks