NCT Dream - The Dream

  • I. Introduction

    The Dream is the first Japanese release by NCT Dream. It was released on January 22, 2020.

    II. Background and Release

    Unlike previous Japanese releases from other SM groups, including fellow NCT sub-unit NCT 127, The Dream did not feature any Japanese songs or versions of existing songs in Japanese. The mini album featured re-releases of 7 existing Korean songs from NCT Dream's previous releases, The First, We Young, We Go Up, We Boom and the NCT all-unit release NCT 2018 Empathy. Although many of the songs featured former member Mark, the cover art reflected the 6-member lineup at the time without him. Mark would return to NCT Dream in late 2020.

    NCT Dream was also touring in Japan as part of its Dream Show Tour at the time until the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the tour.

    III. Tracklist

    Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
    "Chewing Gum" Jo Yoon-kyung, Moon Seol-ri, Jung Min-ji, Mark Thomas Troelsen, Kenzie Thomas Troelsen, Kenzie 3:17
    "My First and Last" Jeon Gan-di, Mark August Rigo, Justin Davey, Ryan S. Jhun August Rigo, Justin Davey, Ryan S. Jhun 3:21
    "We Young" Kenzie Kenzie,
    LDN Noise,
    Ylva Dimberg
    (The Kennel)
    LDN Noise 3:44
    "Go" Hwang Yoo-bin, Ji Ye-won, Mark The Stereotypes, Tiffany Fred, Sophiya Pae, Distract, Yoo Young-jin The Stereotypes 3:27
    "We Go Up" Kenzie, Mark MZMC, Andrew Bazzi (Rice N' Peas), Mike Woods Rice N' Peas), KevinWhite (Rice N' Peas), Kenzie Rice N' Peas 3:03
    "Boom" Baek Geum-min (Song Carat), Lee Soo-jung (Song Carat), Kim Min-ji Cedric "Dabenchwarma" Smith (3Sixty), Kenyon "KC" Moore (3Sixty), Yoo Young-jin, Curtis Richardson (WayBetta), Adien Lewis (WayBetta), Ryan S. Jhun 3Sixty, Yoo Young-jin, WayBetta, Ryan S. Jhun 3:15
    "Candle Light" Hwang Yu-bin, Mark Andreas Oberg, Sean Michael Alexander, Darren Ellis Smith, Jimmy Burney Andreas Oberg, Darren 'Baby Dee Beats' Smith, Avenue 52 3:56

    IV. Reception

    The album debuted atop the Japanese Oricon Albums chart.