• I. Introduction

    IT'z ME is the second mini album by ITZY with Wannabe serving as the album's title track.

    The physical release is available in three versions: IT'z, ME and WANNABE.

    II. Music and Composition

    The title track of the album, Wannabe, is a song that incorporates similar dance, house and hip-hop elements to create a confident beat for the girls to get down to. It was written and produced by Galactika, who also helmed their debut track DALLA DALLA.

    III. Tracklist

    1. Wannabe

    2. Ting Ting Ting

    3. That's A No No

    4. Nobody Like You

    5. You Make Me

    6. I Don't Wanna Dance

    7. 24HRS

    IV. MV and Album Tracks