CIX - Revival

  • I. Introduction

    "Revival" is the debut Japanese single released by CIX. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and two regular CD editions.

    II. Tracklisting

    III. CD Tracklist

    IIII. Limited Edition

    1. Revival
    2. Numb -Japanese ver.-
    3. Regular Edition A
    4. Revival
    5. Numb -Japanese ver.-
    6. Revival (Instrumental)
    7. Numb (Instrumental)

    IIIII. Regular Edition B

    1. Revival
    2. BLACK OUT -Japanese ver.-
    3. Revival (Instrumental)
    4. BLACK OUT (Instrumental)

    IIII. DVD Tracklist

    1. -CIX JAPAN DEBUT SHOWCASE "Complete In X" @Zepp Namba 2019.11.17-
    2. What You Wanted
    3. Movie Star -Japanese ver.-
    4. My New World

    III. Where to Listen

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