Shinee - Lucifer

  • I. Introduction

    Lucifer is the second full length studio album from 2nd Generation Korean Boy Group, SHINee. Lucifer was released on July 19, 2010. The album has 13 tracks and a run time of 47:59. The album had a simultaneous digital album release.


    # Title
    1 Up & Down
    2 Lucifer
    3 Electric Heart
    4 A-Yo
    5 Obsession (욕)
    6 Quasimodo (화살)
    7 Shout Out (악)
    9 Your Name
    10 Life
    11 Ready or Not
    12 Love Pain
    13 Love Still Goes On (사.계.후)

    II. Trivia

    This album marks Onew's first credits as Lyricist for Your Name, and Jonghyun's Second Lyricist credits for Juliette

    Minho has lyric credits along with MISFIT for the songs Up & Down, Obsession, and Your Name. And co-wrote WOWOWOW.