Song Kang

  • I. Profile

    Growing up Song Kang dreamed of becoming an interior designer eventually he made up his mind to be an actor after watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s acting in ‘Titanic’.

    Quote from Song Kang

    “when I decided to be an actor, I learned for the first time what it meant to be desperate for something.“

    He later on debuted in the short drama “Hello Spring” in 2015. His next small role was in the romantic-comedy drama “The Liar and His Lover” in 2017. After this appearance, Song Kang got many opportunities in the entertainment world.

    Later on, Song Kang auditioned to enter Namoo Actor Agency and succeeded after passing 5 rounds!

    He became more active in many segments of entertainment apart from his acting career.

    Soon after in 2019, he got a project in the drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name” as a supporting role, and after auditioning against 900 people he passed and shot the drama series “Love Alarm” with Kim So-hyun.

    This Netflix drama escalated his popularity to where he followed this up with his new role in the horror Netflix show “Sweet Home” after a good recommendation from the director of the drama “Love Alarm”.

    Up until now Song Kang has been proving himself to be one talented young rising actor who pushes himself to go out the box in many of his roles.

    II. Filmography

    Year Movie Role
    2019 Beautiful Vampire Lee Sonyun

    Year Series Role
    2022 People at Meteorological Service Lee Shi-woo
    2021 Nevertheless Park Jae-eon
    2021 Navillera Lee Chae-rok
    2020 Sweet Home Chae Hyun-soo
    2019-2021 Love Alarm
    Hwang Sun-oh
    2019 When The Devil Calls Your Name Luka Aleksević
    2019 Touch Your Heart Deliveryman
    2017-2018 Man In The Kitchen Kim Woo-joo
    2017 The Liar and His Lover Baek Jin-woo

    III. Music Videos

    IV. Awards

    • Brand Customer Loyalty Award 2021 Male actor - Rising Star

    V. Facts

    • Song Kang spent 5 to 6 months learning ballet.
    • His father was a gymnast.
    • He is a shy person.
    • He wants to work with actors he admires and can learn from.
    • His favourite comfort food is pork cutlets!
    • He wants to visit India when COVID subsides.