Hello Baby Season 7 : Boyfriend

  • Each season, an idol group is given an infant or toddler to take care of, allowing them to experience parenthood to an extent. In the first season, Girls' Generation became 'mothers' to a nine-month-old boy. This was also the case for the boy band, Shinee, in the second season, though the child is four years old. In the third season, the girl group T-ara had to take care of three toddlers.

    During the show's first three seasons, each group had to take care of the babies on their own, with some male celebrities acting as guest 'dads' in the first season. In the fourth season, Sistar became mothers to a baby boy, with Super Junior's Leeteuk as the father.

    While all of the show's seasons have different concepts, they are still similar in ways such as the 'parents' being given missions and activities to do for the day with the children.

    The seventh season, starring Boyfriend, started on January 4, 2013. In this season, Boyfriend are fathers to two young toddlers.