All About My Wife

  • After seven years of marriage, the mild-mannered Doo-hyun is at the end of his rope, Jung-in, his wife is driving him crazy with her endless nagging and complaining. He can't even bring himself to ask for a divorce because of the fights that will follow. When Doo-hyun's company transfers him out of state, it seems like his dream of getting away is coming true. But to his horror, Jung-in surprises him by moving across the country to be with him. Desperate but too afraid to ask for a divorce, Doo-hyun recruits his next-door neighbor and legendary Casanova Sung-ki to seduce his wife and make her leave him first. After scoping her out, Sung-ki is intrigued by the challenge and confidently agrees to seduce Jung-in as his career finale. Meanwhile, to give her something to do, Doo-hyun has already arranged for Jung-in to get a spot on the local radio station, shooting her mouth off about life's injustices. True to his reputation, Sung-ki eventually succeeds in grabbing Jung-in's attention, and the two slowly develop feelings for each other. But though Doo-hyun asked for it, he grows to regret his decision and decides to spy on his wife and her lover. He starts to have feeling for his wife again, and wants her back. But Jung-in is attracted to Sung-ki and is unable to make a choice. In the mean time Doo-hyun asks Sung-ki to stop seducing his wife, but in return he threatens that he would disclose to his wife that Doo-hyun recruited him if he comes in-between them. The later part is about who wins Jung-in's heart.