• I. Introduction

    Obsession is the sixth Korean full-length album by EXO. It was released on November 27, 2019 with "Obsession" serving as the album's title track.

    The physical album comes in three versions: EXO, X-EXO, and Obsession. A Kihno version, called "Kit album", is also available.

    Obsession is the group's first release without the members Xiumin and D.O as they were completing their mandatory military service that year.

    II. Music

    Obsession is described as a hip hop dance song featuring repeating spell-like vocal samples and a prominent heavy beat.

    The album features 10 tracks in a variety of genres."Trouble" is a dance song that contains various genre elements like trap and raggae.

    The lyrics are about falling for one deeply and having no exit.
    "Jekyll" is a dance pop song with heavy drums, 808 bass along with dynamic vocal composition and transformation. The song's lyrics express an internal conflict with one's alter ego in an impactful way.
    "Groove" is a song about lovers sharing affectionate feelings as if they were crossing reality & dream through dancing. The song features strings and flute instrumentation with a rhythmical chorus.

    "Ya Ya Ya" is a hip hop dance song with lyrics expressing the belief that love begins in a single moment. The song has heavy 808 bass and an addictive chorus, featuring sampling from SWV's song You're the one.

    "Baby You Are" is a dance pop song with a romantic vibe and elements of folk instrumentation. The lyrics tell a story about the exciting moment of love at first sight.

    Non Stop" is a dance funk song with lyrics romanticizing the unstoppable love between two people. The song features prominent brass and guitar instrumentation.

    ''Day After Day'' is an emotional R&B song and ''Butterfly Effect'' is a groovy dance song with the message that love means a lot to change everything.

    III. Tracklist

    1. Obsession

    2. Trouble

    3. Jekyll

    4. Groove

    5. Ya Ya Ya

    6. Baby You Are

    7. Non Stop

    8. Day After Day

    9. Butterfly Effect

    10. Obsession (chinese version)

    IV. MV and Album tracks


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