Precious Family

  • Plot

    The insurmountable responsibility cast upon parents with mentally challenged offspring can be quite daunting. For Chang-soo (Heo Joon-ho), father of a young daughter and an autistic son (Yoo Seung-ho), the pressure was too much. He ends up cheating on his wife Sung-shil (Kim Hee-ae) with another woman, and eventually the two split up. Despite feeling society's double standards where the responsibility of childcare often falls on the mother's shoulders, Sung-shil re-enters the workforce.

    Meanwhile, the bitterness of divorce soon brings Chang-soo to realize the preciousness of family and his love for his two children. Full of regrets and desire for redemption, Chang-soo approaches Sung-shil in hopes of rekindling their love. Just then, Chang-soo faces another fallback in his life as his company nears bankruptcy. The decision is now up to Sung-shil—she must decide whether to turn her back on the man who once stabbed her in the heart, or to embrace the changed man that he has become over the years.