• I. Introduction

    Soojin is a south korean singer under Cube Entertainment and the main dancer and vocalist of the South Korean girl group (G)I-DLE.

    II. Early Life

    With the advice of her mother, Soojin learned jazz dance at a young age. She found that she really liked to dance and so thought of becoming a singer ever since she was young.

    She later went onto the path of taekwondo. As time passed, she realized that she is more interested in continuing learning to dance. She began attending a dance academy and then later as she became interested in singing she went to attend a vocal academy.Before her third year of high school, she received an offer from Cube Entertainment for an audition. At first, she felt more afraid than happy, but after taking time to consider the offer and thinking of it as a challenge, she decided to go to the audition. After a few auditions, she was accepted and began her trainee life with Cube Entertainment in 2016.

    At some unknown time, Soojin was a trainee under DN Entertainment. She was originally supposed to be a member of the then-upcoming South Korean girl group VIVIDIVA under the stage name N.Na but withdrew from the group sometime in 2015 before it debuted.

    III. Soojin Facts

    - Her father didn’t want her to become an idol but she begged him for 2 years.

    - Her nickname is cherry.

    - Soojin can cook really well.

    - She was the fox girl that appeared in Soyeon’s ‘Jelly’ MV.

    - Audition piece: Boa’s No.1 song

    - She’s the shyest member.

    - She often helps Yuqi arranging her eyebrows.

    (Credits to kprofiles for these facts)