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    I. Introduction

    Goedam is a 2020 South Korean horror anthology directed by Won Ki Hong, starring - Seola (WJSN),Lee Hyun-joo (April), Song Chae-yun, & more. It was released in South Korea on Agust 20, 2020 on Netflix. The following names will join the second series of the show following the success of Goedam. The show is a Netflix series that showcases an anthology of different South Korean urban legends - MONSTA X‘s Shownu, BTOB‘s Minhyuk, AleXa, Golden Child‘s Jaehyun, THE BOYZ‘s Juhaknyeon, and Lovelyz‘s Jisoo &, OH MY GIRL‘s Arin.

    II. Synopsis

    When night falls on the city, shadows and spirits come alive in this horror anthology series centered on urban legends.

    III. Episodes

    IIII. EP1. Crack

    IIIII. EP2. Destination

    IIIIII. EP3. Special Guest (Co-op Broadcast)

    IIIIV. EP4. Curiosity

    IIIV. EP5. Red Shoes (Custom-made Shoes)

    IIIVI. EP6. Dimension (Elevator)

    IIIVII. EP7. Threshold

    IIIVIII. EP8. Birth (Birthday)

    IV. Reception

    Goedam has received the moderate scores of 5.8 on IMDB, & 6.5 on Mydramalist.