Manny (TV)

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    Kim Yi-han (Seo Ji-seok) is a manny, a male nanny, from New York. Due to some mishaps, he has to find work in South Korea while he is stuck there for a while. Seo Do-young (Choi Jung-yoon) is the divorced mother of Oh Eun-bi (Jung Da-bin) and Oh Jung-min (Goo Seung-hyun). Her children's antics have scared away all former nannies. She works in the fashion industry, living under her elder sister Janice (Byun Jung-soo)'s iron rule. Janice is the somewhat self-centered head of her own modelling agency, pushing herself and all her connections in competing in the field. Circumstances bring them together, and the result is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and all-round interesting to watch.