Don't Mess Up My Tempo

  • I. Introduction

    Don't Mess Up My Tempo is the fifth album by EXO released on November 2, 2018 in three versions: Allegro, Moderato and Andante version.

    The song "Tempo" was the title track used to promote the album and the member Lay is featured in the Chinese version of Tempo.

    The repackaged version of the album titled Love Shot was released on December 13, 2018 with three new songs, including the promoted track "Love Shot".

    II. Music

    Don't Mess Up My Tempo features eleven songs of different genres. The title track "Tempo" is described as hip-hop leaning dance track which showcases a cappella harmonies with lyrics that warn not to "mess up his tempo" with a lover.

    "Sign" is an electropop track with an intense bass and "bombastic" groove with lyrics expressing a man's growing doubt due to lies told by the woman he loves.

      "Ooh La La La" is a Latin pop song, combining a heavy 808 bass and an "exotic" atmosphere of Spanish Guitar.

    The lyrics of the song are about imagined love when two people accidentally make eye contact.

    "Gravity" is characterized as an electropop track with a retro sound and funky rhythm, which the British duo LDN Noise worked on. The lyrics were co-written by member Chanyeol and are described as about the desire to capture a girl's attention with gravity and charm.

    "With You" is described as an R&B and pop track with a "bright" synthesizer and electro trap elements. Member Chanyeol participated in writing and composing the song. The lyrics are about growing to like someone more when one spends more time with them.

    "24/7" is a midtempo song with a modern sound and memorable catchy phrases. Kenzie participated in writing the lyrics, which express complex emotions after one says "cold words" to their lover.

    "Bad Dream" is characterized as an uptempo R&B song, where the "sophisticated" guitar riff and poppy synthesizer's dynamic melody line go well together with lyrics about one thinking about their past lover alone at night, with comparisons to a storm.

    "Damage" is a hip hop and dance song with a bass-heavy and reggae rhythm, with its lyrics expressing the "cold" reaction one has after getting hurt by their lover, and giving back the pain they experienced like a "sudden flash of lightning".

    "Smile On My Face" is described as an R&B ballad with soft melodies and simple yet "sophisticated" grooves, with lyrics about healing one's own pain after a breakup, smiling and "letting their love go".

    "Oasis" is an elliptical pop song with a combination of staccato piano and strings, heavy 808 bass, and a grand harmony.

    Love Shot features four new songs, including the title track "Love Shot" (in Korean and Chinese) which is described as a pop dance track that features a memorably addictive chorus and heavy 808 bass. Members Chen and Chanyeol participated in writing the lyrics that talk about hoping to be together and rediscover the meaning of true love, which seems to be disappearing more and more from a dreary world.

    "Trauma" is an upbeat pop dance song with lyrics expressing the intention to overcome the pain one feels.

    "Wait" is described as an R&B ballad with an acoustic guitar melody and harmonizes with the members' vocals.

    III. Commercial Performance

    On October 31, 2018, 28 days after the opening of pre-orders, it was announced that Don't Mess Up My Tempo had exceeded 1.1 million pre-orders.

    The album went on to debut at number one on the Gaon Album Chart for the week of November 3, 2018. As of November 11, the album had sold 1,179,997 million copies, officially making Exo a quintuple million-selling group. The album was certified "Million" by Gaon on January 10, 2019.

    The album also attained international success by debuting at number 23 on the US Billboard 200, making it Exo's highest-charting album in the United States. It achieved 23,000 album equivalents units including 19,000 pure album sales. Exo became the third K-pop group to have an album chart in the top 40 of the US Billboard 200.

    IV. Tracklist full album+repackage

    1. Love Shot
    2. Tempo

    3. Trauma

    4. Wait

    5. Sign

    6. Ooh La La La

    7. Gravity

    8. With You

    9. 24/7

    10. Bad Dream

    11. Damage

    12. Smile on my face

    13. Oasis

    14. Love shot (chinese version)

    15. Tempo (chinese version)

    V. Music Videos + Album tracks

    (Credits to wikipedia for sales numbers)


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