Shinhwa - Winter Story 2004–2005

  • I. Introduction

    Winter Story 2004–2005 is a compilation album by Korean musical group Shinhwa. It was released on December 20, 2004, making it the group's second Winter Story album. The album met with same success as the other albums released by Shinhwa. Their single, "How Do I Say," became a hit throughout Asia.

    II. Tracklisting

    1. Rain on a Sleepless Night
    2. Red String
    3. Erase All of Time
    4. That Girl on the Second Floor
    5. Love of the New Generation
    6. On a Night Like This
    7. Painfully Loving You
    8. Red Sunset
    9. Your Tears
    10. Hi
    11. Say It
    12. Met Her 100 Meters Away
    13. Erase All of Time (feat. Lyn)
    14. How Do I Say

    III. Where to Listen

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