• In 1924 Shanghai, five members of a rebel group called the Anarchists are in the pursuit of their own individual freedom, and a society with no authority or domination. During an age when Shanghai was the hub of muddled ideologies and corruption, the Anarchists stopped at nothing to bring their own sense of justice to light.

    Using any form of terrorism, be it bombings, guns, knives or simply with their bare hands, they used whatever means to survive and get paid. Then one day, the man who hired the group to do most of the dirty work betrays them when Seregay, the most respected of the bunch, gets shot in the head by a sniper. Things turn for the worse when all the members of the terrorist group discover that their cover is blown. While on the run, the Anarchists' days become numbered as all their terrorist deeds come back to haunt them when they are hunted down by both Japanese and Chinese authorities.