Uhm Jung-hwa

  • I. Introduction

    Uhm Jung-hwa (Korean: 엄정화; born August 17, 1969) is a South Korean singer, actress and dancer. Nicknamed the "evergreen", Uhm is considered to be one of the most influential women in the Korean entertainment industry, with many female artists recognizing her as a role model. Uhm began her career in 1987 as a chorus member for the broadcasting company MBC. She made her film debut in the 1992 film Marriage Story, and released her first studio album, Sorrowful Secret, in 1993. The album's lead single, "Pupil" (눈동자), helped to establish her unique image. Uhm's fourth studio album, Invitation, was a huge success, bolstered by the singles "Poison" and "Chodae". These, along with "Rose of Betrayal" (배반의 장미), "Molla" (몰라), "Festival" and "Dagara" (다가라), have become her signature songs. Following a nearly decade-long hiatus from music, Uhm released her tenth studio album The Cloud Dream of the Nine in 2017. As of 2020 she currently released ten studio albums, two compliation albums and one extended play.

    II. Career

    III. 1990s: Career Beginnings

    Uhm Jung-hwa officially debuted as a singer in 1993 with her first studio album Sorrowful Secret. By the mid-90s she established herself as one of the top Korean female singers and entertainers, with a series of hit singles: "Sad Expectation" (Korean: 슬픈 기대; RR: Seulpeun Gidae), "A Love Only Heaven Permits" (Korean: 하늘만 허락한 사랑; RR: Haneulman Heorakan Sarang), "Rose of Betrayal" (Korean: 배반의 장미; RR: Baeban-ui Jangmi), and "Tell Me" (Korean: 말해 줘; RR: Malhae Jwo). Uhm's fourth studio album, Invitation, introduced a new mature side of the singer. The music video for its title track caused a lot of controversy due to its suggestive nature. Invitation quickly became one of the highest selling albums of the year and received positive reviews from critics and fans. She released two of her most recognizable singles of her career, "Poison" and "Invitation" (Korean: 초대; RR: Chodae). She remained successful the following year, in 1999, with her fifth studio album 005.1999.06

    IIII. 2000s–present: Acting Focusing, Thyroid Cancer and Music Career Resurgence

    During the 2000s, Uhm began to focus more on her acting career and committed herself to taking a variety of acting roles. She also began to pursue and experiment with different musical genres, in particular electronica. In 2004, she released her double album Self Control, which featured songs composed by Jung Jae-hyung, Fractal and Roller Coaster. Music critics praised Uhm for her ability to reinvent her image and sound. After a two-year break from the music scene, she released her ninth studio album Prestige. Throughout the year she released two singles, "Come 2 Me" and "Song of the Wind" (Korean: 바람의 노래; RR: Baram-ui Norae), each enjoyed positive critical reception. In early 2007, she won a Korean Music Award for Best Electronic Dance Record. In the summer of 2008, she released her first EP titled D.I.S.C.O with help from her longtime friend Yang Hyun-suk of YG Entertainment. The lead single "D.I.S.C.O" featured T.O.P, a member from the popular boy band Big Bang. The EP was one of the best-selling albums by a female artist in 2008, and was further promoted by the digital single "D.I.S.C.O Part 2" which was a remix version of "D.I.S.C.O" and featured G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang. After this she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer but fully recovered after surgery in May 2010.

    After an eight-year-long hiatus Uhm announced that she would be releasing her first new album since D.I.S.C.O in 2008, the album title would be The Cloud Dream of the Nine. She revealed that she would be releasing the album in two parts, the first part would be released on December 27, 2017, and the second part at a later date. Uhm performed the title tracks "Watch Me Move" and "Dreamer" on Gayo Daejeon along with "D.I.S.C.O", she would also perform the two tracks on MCountdown on the January 5. One year after the release of Part 1, Uhm revealed through her Instagram account that she was in the preparation stage of her comeback with part 2 of The Cloud Dream of the Nine. In the summer of 2020, Uhm joined with singers Lee Hyori, Jessi, and Hwasa to form the "supergroup" Refund Sisters. Their first single, "Don't Touch Me" debuted in October, 2020, and reached #1 on the Gaon chart.

    III. Discography

    IIII. Albums

    [1993.04.??] Sorrowful Secret

    [1996.01.??] Uhm Jung Hwa 2

    [1997.03.??] Hu Ae (後愛; After Love)

    [1998.07.??] invitation

    [1999.06.??] 005.1999.06

    [2000.11.03] Queen of Charisma

    [2001.10.31] Hwa 7 (花)

    [2004.02.17] SELF CONTROL

    [2005.10.21] Prestige

    [2017.12.26] The Cloud Dream of the Nine

    IIIII. Best Albums

    [1998.10.??] BEST...My Songs

    [1999.12.28] all details

    IIIIII. Mini-Albums

    [2008.07.01] D.I.S.C.O

    [2016.12.27] The Cloud Dream of the Nine: First Dream

    [2017.12.13] The Cloud Dream of the Nine: Second Dream

    IIIIV. Digital Singles

    [2006.10.16] tvN Remix version

    [2006.12.21] Come2Me NEW REMIX

    [2008.09.01] D.I.S.C.O PT.2

    [2012.01.16] Dancing Queen OST Part.1 (댄싱퀸 OST Part.1)

    [2017.03.05] Dangshineun Neomoohabmida OST Part.1 (당신은 너무합니다; You Are Too Much OST Part.1)

    [2017.03.18] Dangshineun Neomoohabmida OST Part.3

    [2017.04.01] Dangshineun Neomoohabmida OST Part.4

    [2020.12.22] Hopimonui (호피무늬)

    IIIV. Video Releases

    [2000.01.01] Cyber Eroticus Live Concert 1

    [2000.07.01] Cyber Eroticus Live Concert 2

    [2002.10.30] Uhm Jung Hwa Live Concert

    [2005.11.23] Uhmjunghwa BEST

    [2007.08.20] Uhm Jung Hwa DVD Collection

    IIIVI. Collaborations/Others

    [1993.??.??] We Must Go to Apgujung-dong on Windy Days OST (#4 Nunttongja)

    [1997.03.01] Jinusean - JINUSEAN (#4 Malhaejjwo (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa))

    [2001.03.29] Guardian Angel (#13 Forever)

    [2001.10.10] DJ Chully - DJ Chully Cross Over Vol.1 (#4 Luxury Goods (Myeongpumgeol http://Www.Lxn.Co.Kr))

    [2001.11.27] Happy Christmas Last Christmas (#7 White Christmas (Lee Yoon Jeong, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Ji Hoon, DJ DOC, Koyote, Duke, Soh Chan Hwi, As One, Chae Ri Na, Esther), #13 White Christmas (2001 Dance Ver.) (Shin Seung Hun, Lee So Ra, Kim Gun Mo, Lee Moon Sae, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Jo Han, Lee Eun Mee, Kim Dong Kyu, Cho Sung Mo, Cho Kyu Chan, Jo Kwan Woo, Jang Hye Jin, DJ DOC, Uhm Jung Hwa, Cool, Fin.K.L, Kim Jong Seo, J)

    [2001.12.??] Zall's Present (#10 Neul Kkeureoteut)

    [2002.07.12] DJ Chully - 2002 Summer Mix Mac (#3 Festival, #15 Dagara, #9 Dagara (JM Mix), #14 Festival (2002 Worldcup Version))

    [2002.09.23] Boss X File OST (#Reokssyeori Gut (2002 version) (DJ Chully, a.one, Kim Seok Min, Uhm Jung Hwa))

    [2002.12.16] The Legend: 30th Anniversary Tribute Album (#9 Naesarang Ulbo)

    [2003.01.03] A3 Mabeopkkateun Sarang (#6 Ru)

    [2006.06.01] My Piano OST (#28 My Piano (Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Byung Woo))

    [2006.12.09] Seducing Mr. Perfect OST (#1 Kissing Me (Daniel Henney & Alex) (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa))

    [2008.10.10] YMGA - Made in R.O.K (#3 Tell It To My Heart (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa))

    [2008.12.05] Yoon Sang - Song Book: Play With Him (#10 Sarangiran)

    [2009.03.31] Naco - 2009 Grad Portfolio (#3 Ma Girl (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa))

    [2020.10.28] Refund Sisters - Don't Touch Me

    IV. Filmography

    IVI. Movies

    [1992] The Marriage Life

    [1993] We Must Go to Apgujung-dong on Windy Days

    [1994] How to Top My Wife

    [1994] Blue Seagull

    [2002] Marriage Is a Crazy Thing

    [2003] Singles

    [2004] Mr. Handy

    [2005] All for Love

    [2005] Princess Aurora

    [2006] My Piano

    [2006] Seducing Mr. Perfect

    [2007] Love Now

    [2008] Insadong Scandal

    [2008] Five Senses of Eros

    [2009] Haeundae

    [2009] In My End is My Beginning (not yet released)

    [2010] Bestseller

    [2011] Mama

    [2012] Dancing Queen

    IVII. Dramas

    [1993] Good morning Yong Dong

    [1993] Sisters

    [1994] Polis

    [1994] Close Your Eyes and Fly

    [1995] White Angel

    [1995] Do You Remember Love

    [1996] Between Father And Son

    [1997] Beautiful Sin

    [1997] Star

    [2003] Wife

    [2004] Tropical Nights in December

    [2007] Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung

    [2009] The Man Who Can't Get Married

    [2017] Dangshineun Neomoohabmida (당신은 너무합니다; You Are Too Much)