Horror Stories 2


    Beginning Story <444>

    Department Head Park and new employee Se-Young walk into a secret basement storage room to take out old files at their insurance agency. Park knows Se-Young possesses a supernatural power, which is the ability to see events as they really happened . Park then instructs Se-Young to use her powers to go through past case files, which he suspects involved fraud. The three cases are "Cliff," "Accident" and "Escape". At 4:44 AM, when their stories are about to end, a dark shadow casts over them.


    Dong-Wook and Sung-Kyun fall from the top of a mountain cliff and land on a small ledge, with no way off. They only have one candy bar.


    Ji-Eun, Mi-Ra and Sun-Joo fail their teacher certification examination. To cheer themselves up, they set out on a road trip into the mountains. A car accident soon turns their trip into a nightmare.


    On his first day as a trainee teacher, Byeong-Shin is humiliated by his students. He follows a strange story told by his student Tan-Hee, who is possessed by black magic. He then becomes locked in the entrance to Hell.