High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged

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    The story is narrated by Lee Jeok. It is 2041 and he has released a best selling novel called "High Kick: Revenge of the Short-legged". The book describes his experience with the Ahn's and Ji-won's households, the primary plot being the Ahn family's financial hardship.

    The drama begins when Nae-sang's business partner, who has embezzled funds from the company, flees the country and leaves behind a mountain of debts and a horde of angry creditors. Faced with the prospect of going to debtors' prison, Nae-sang frantically collects his family (his wife in the middle of a massage session, his son during an ice hockey match and his daughter who had just arrived from LA) and escapes to the countryside.

    Rendered both bankrupt and homeless, the family has no place to stay for the night after Nae Sang's plans to live with his great uncle fall through (the old man has died and sold his house). In desperation, they call Yoo Sun's younger brother, Kye-sang. They decide to move into the house he shares with Ji-seok, Yoo-sun's other younger brother.

    The series follows several subplots through to their conclusion; the relationship between Ha-sun and Ji-seok, Jin-hee's search for a stable career, the one-sided love triangle between Ji-won, Jin-hee, and Kye-sang, and Jong-seok's unrequited love for Ji-won.