• Stage Name: Daun
    Birth Name: Lee Jung Hoon

    Group: GreatGuys
    Position: Main Vocalist, Lucky Guy

    Birthday: January 19, 1995

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Blood Type: A

    II. Daun Facts

    – He is from Suwon, South Korea.
    – Specialty: Singing
    – He was trainee at a Vocal School.
    – Hobbies: Cooking, Watching dance videos
    – Favorite thing: Going to restaurants
    – Favorite body part: ears
    – Daun doesn’t like cheese.
    – Daun doesn’t like to drink alcohol
    – He likes buffets and Korean food.
    – He also likes mint a lot. (vLive)
    – His favorite color is black.
    – In his free time he likes to watch cute dog videos.
    – Daun has ‘Alma gemela’ tattooed on his left wrist. It means ‘soulmate’ in Spanish.
    – His role models are BTS and CL.
    – Daun participated in lyrics writing for ‘Ganda’.