• I. Introduction

    4colors is the first Japanese studio album by MAMAMOO. The album features the previously released Japanese singles Décalcomanie (Japanese Ver.) and Wind Flower (Japanese Ver.). 4colors doesn't have a title track, as the album is a sort of compilation of the Four Seasons, Four Colors project (albeit in Japanese).

    II. Tracklisting

    Number Name Length
    1 Starry Night -Japanese ver.- 3:34
    2 Be Calm 3:29
    3 Egotistic -Japanese ver.- 3:19
    4 Selfish (Featuring Seulgi) 3:13
    5 Wind Flower -Japanese ver.- 3:58
    6 Hello 3:17
    7 gogobebe -Japanese ver.- 3:18
    8 25 3:23
    9 Décalcomanie -Japanese ver.- 3:40
    10 You Don't Know Me 3:44
    11 Sleep Talk 3:09
    12 Nada Sou Sou (涙そうそう) 4:16

    III. Versions of the Album

    Main Cover Art/Digital Artwork, DVD Version, and Booklet Version