Chunja's Special Day

  • Synopsis

    Hwang Chun-ja runs a karaoke bar named "Night Rose" on a remote island, and is a single mother to her daughter, Yeon Boon-hong. Boon-hong is a nursing assistant who works at a public health center in her hometown. When her boyfriend Nam Gi-seok gets her pregnant, he tells her to get an abortion, but she's unable to go through with it. Boon-hong is friends with the couple Lee Joo-young and Lee Sun-hee, and they are all together when Joo-young and Sun-hee lose their lives in a boating accident. Boon-hong survives, but through some misunderstandings, Joo-young's family assumes that she's his girlfriend, not Sun-hee. At the end of her rope, Boon-hong moves into the Lee household to escape her difficulties, letting the family believe that she's carrying Joo-young's child. Joo-young's older brother Lee Joo-hyuk soon finds himself falling for Boon-hong, and she dreads the Lee family finding out the lies that she told.