Age of Warriors

  • I. Synopsis

    This drama is set in a tumultuous time in Korean history, where warriors led by Jung Joong Bu, Lee Ui Bang, Lee Go and Chae Won rose in rebellion against King Ui Jong of Goryeo and his government, dominated by scholars and ministers, with the aim of establishing military rule.

    II. Main Cast

    Actor Role
    Lee Deok-hwa Yi Ui-min
    Kim Kyu-chul King Uijong
    Seo In-seok Yi Ui-bang
    Im Hyuk Du Gyeong Seung
    Kim Kap-soo Choe Chung-heon
    Kim Myung Kook Chae Won
    Kim Heung Ki Jung Joong Bu

    III. Staff

    Director Kim Sung Geun
    Screenwriter Yoo Dong Yoon

    IV. Awards

    Year Award Category Nominee Result
    2003 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor Park Yong-woo Won