• I. Introduction

    I Me (stylized i Me) is a multinational girl group from China whose members are Mocika (李媛希), Niki (易易紫), and Mikan (刘美含) from China; Haley (沈泫京) from South Korea; and Sara (那琳) from Thailand. I Me debuted on May 27, 2010. By the year 2012 they released their first Thai single "Help me!" and entered into Academy Fantasia season 7 and season 8. I Me later disbanded in 2013.


    II. Mini-Albums

    [2010.06.26] Aiyiya (哎咿呀)


    [2012.03.09] Help Me (Thai)

    II. Filmography

    III. Movies

    Magic to Win (开心魔法)

    IIII. Dramas

    Hello Summer (夏日甜心)

    I, Another (世界上另一个我)

    Half a Fairy Tale (童话二分之一)