• Stage Name: Jungseung
    Birth Name: Park Jeong Seung

    Group: D-CRUNCH
    Position: Vocalist, Rapper

    Birthday: May 20, 2002

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Blood Type: B

    II. Jungseung Facts

    – Jeongseung has a younger sibling.
    – Jeongseung was the 5th artist to be revealed as a member of D-CRUNCH. He was revealed on June 6, 2018.
    – On July 6, it was announced that he will be pre-debuting with the sub-unit Geupsik-Dan on July 10.
    – He has thick and wide fingers, that’s why he usually uses both thumbs or his index and middle fingers to make a finger-heart.
    – He can put a lot of food in his mouth (15 marshmallows fit into his mouth). (Source via Pops in Seoul)
    – Jeongseung’s charming points are his hands and eyes.
    – He likes the song “Motorsport” by Migos, as of August 21st, 2018.