• Stage Name: Junji
    Birth Name: Kim Junhyung

    Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

    Birthday: April 6, 1998

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Blood Type: B

    II. Junji Facts

    – Junji’s role in the group is being the shy boy.
    – His hobbies are interpreting emotions of songs & playing basketball.
    – His specialty: Freestyle dance
    – His favorite color white, black and beige.
    – Things he likes: Jjajangmyeon, roast chicken soup, spicy sausage stew, fried chicken with cheese powder on the outside, pork ribs, lamb kebabs and feeling happy.
    – Things he dislikes: horror movies.
    – The first thing Jung does when he wakes up is washes his face and drinks coffee.
    – He wants to be a main vocalist.
    – His sleeping habit is turning off the alarm.
    – When he has time to rest he practices singing.
    – Junji enjoys being alone and finds it relaxing.
    – Junji likes to play TEKKEN.
    – He’s the saddest when the members are have a tough time and are tired.
    – If he could speak to himself in the future he would ask: Are you still happy?
    – Junji has been doing trump dancing since he was in middle school. (idol chart rank interview)
    – Junji owns a cat.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)