• Stage Name: Rie
    Birth Name: Lee Sungho

    Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

    Birthday: November 6, 1996

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    Blood Type: A

    II. Rie Facts

    – His hobbies are watching youtube videos, fishing videos.
    – His specialty: ball games.
    – His favorite color is blue.
    – Things he likes: chicken and tea. When he was younger his ultimate dream was to marry the daughter of a fried chicken store for free chicken. Snack time with Nine & Mill although they like sweets, so if he buys snacks and doesn’t like them, they take them.
    – Things he dislikes: cold cucumbers. Rie has a bad memory of cucumbers from marine camp. Raw carrots because he used to drink healthy vegetables drinks as a kid. Sandwiches because he once had food poisoning after eating one.
    – The first thing Rie does upon waking up is watching tv for a bit.
    – He wants to communicate with the fans more since his debut.
    – His sleeping habit is curling up like a shrimp.
    – Rie is left-handed.
    – When he has time to rest he likes to play games.
    – Rie likes to play Digimon Adventure games.
    – He’s the most happiest when eating chicken and when his family watches and likes his videos.
    – If he could tell his future self something it would be to become a more loved version of himself.
    – Rie wanted to be an idol after seeing a stage by Japanese group “Highlight
    – He studies Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes for singing, and Kai, Taemin and Jimin for dancing.
    – Rie has some acting experience, if he gets the opportunity to act in the future he would take hit. (idol chart rank interview)
    – Rie makes the choreography. He is in charge of leading the choreography to make sure that everyone has a chance to shine whilst all being in sync. (idol chart rank interview)

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)