• Stage Name: Jerome
    Birth Name: Oh Sung Min

    Group: TO1
    Position: Vocalist

    Birthday: August 25th, 2001

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    Blood Type: O

    Element: Metal

    II. Jerome Facts

    – Jerome ranked 8th place.
    – Jerome has a younger brother (1 year younger).
    Specialty: Dancing & Vocals.
    – He said that his personality is more like a cat than a dog though he sometimes turn into a dog. (“[TOO Episode] #8 TOO News)
    – He loves coffee and going to cafes (He order 4 coffees with different flavors from the coffee truck when they were filming their MV on “Magnolia”
    – Jerome and Hanjun share a birthday.
    – When he was in his 3rd year of middle school he really liked BTS’s V because he has great facial expressions, he’s handsome, and he has a lot of talent.
    – He is a former CUBE Entertainment trainee.

    - His role model is BTS's V