• Stage Name: Jaeyun
    Birth Name: Lee Jae Yun

    Group: TO1
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

    Birthday: August 16th, 2000

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    Blood Type: B

    Element: Metal

    II. Jaeyun Facts

    – Jaeyun ranked 11th, he joined the group because he was the contestant with more votes after the original TOP10.
    – Jaeyun has an older brother and an older sister.
    Specialty: Vocals.
    – He dropped out from high school. (Fan Cafe)
    – Jaeyun is fluent in English.
    – He studied in Myanmar for a while.
    – He was part of a band with TXT's Beomgyu
    – He admires EXO's Baekhyun.
    – According to him, his highest vocal register is D5 or D#5.
    – According to him, his highest note in “Magnolia” is C5.
    – He warms up his voice after he wakes up every morning.
    – His representative animal is a Hamster (Fan Cafe).
    – He studied at an international school for 9 years.
    – His favorite ice cream flavor is cheesecake.
    – Some of his favorite artists are Justin Bieber, Bazzi & Gallant.
    – Jaeyun studied jujitsu for 3 years (The Roadview Trip TOO)
    – In October 2020 he was appointed as a new host for After School Club (ASC).

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)