Sumin (Indie)

  • I. Introduction

    Sumin (수민) is a South Korean indie singer artist that isn’t defined by any genre. She is a singer-songwriter, producer and art director. Sumin debuted under Luv Jones Records in 2015, an independent label in South Korea founded by jazz musician Kumapark.

    She helped established a genre called “Neo K-Pop”.

    II. Get To Know Sumin

    Having grown up in Seoul with a pianist for a mum, and heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, it’s no surprise that she’ll grow up to be a talented artist. Sumin is also a well-rounded producer, making songs that is reminiscent of 90’s RnB & Soul and being versatile.

    III. Club 33 Kirin & Sumin

    Rapper Kirin and Sumin teamed up to form a fun duo act together for their EP “Club 33” released on December 11th.

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    IV. Discography

    Studio Albums Collaborative Albums Extended Plays
    Your Home (2019) Club 33 with Kirin (2018) Beat, And Go To Sleep
    OO DA DA (2019)
    XX (2020)


    • "It'll Get Hot" (뜨거워질거야)
    • (2015) "Onkiro" (온기로) (2016)
    • "U & Me" (2016)
    • "Onstage 364th Sumin" (2017)
    • "Mirrorball" (2017)
    • "Sugar Fountain" (설탕분수) (2018)
    • "Onstage Digging Club Seoul Theme 03“ (온스테이지 디깅클럽서울 Theme 03) (2019)


    • “Dirty Love" (더럽게) with Zion.T (2020)
    • "2020" with Kirin (2020)
    • "Take Care With KozyPop" (아껴줄게 with KozyPop) with George, L-Like (2020)
    • "Automatic Remix" with Various artists (2020)
    • "Unsung Heroes" with Paloalto, Khundi Panda (2021)


    Soundtrack Appearances:

    V. Producing Credits

    From BTS, Red Velvet, WOODZ and so much more! Click the link to find out.

    VI. Music Video’s

    VII. Social Media


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