Number 1

  • I. Introduction

    Number 1 is BIGBANG's first full-length Japanese album. It includes songs from their two previous mini-albums released in Japan. The song "Make Love" is a self-cover, sung in English and by the hole group, of Taeyang's song of the same name. The original Korean song "Nunmulppunin Babo", which was retitled to "Together Forever" for its English version, has been renamed this time to "Candle" for it's Japanese version. Only three new songs were written for the album "Number 1", "Come Be My Lady" and "Everything".

    Noticeably, this album is primarily in English and includes versions of songs previously released in Korean

    II. Tracklisting

    III. CD Tracklist

    1. Intro
    2. Number 1
    3. Make Love
    4. Come Be My Lady
    5. Haru Haru
    6. With U
    7. How Gee
    8. Baby Baby
    9. So Beautiful
    10. Remember
    11. Heaven
    12. Everything
    13. Always
    14. Candle (Together Forever Japanese Version) (CD Only Bonus Track)

    IIII. DVD Tracklist

    1. With U PV Making
    2. With U PV
    3. Haru Haru PV with Subtitles

    III. Versions of the Album

    CD+DVD Version

    CD Only Version

    IV. Important Videos from the Era

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