Koda Kumi

  • I. Introduction

    Koda Kumi (倖田來未) is a Japanese pop singer from Kyoto. She made her debut through avex trax's sub-label rhythm zone in late 2000 with the single "TAKE BACK", though it wasn't until 2002 that she released her debut album, affection. Since the release of her first best album BEST ~first things~ in 2005, her popularity has grown considerably. Other factors such as her appearance on the Japanese soundtrack of Final Fantasy X-2, her "ero-kakkoi" image, and her "12 Days of Christmas" wide-scale release of one single every week from December to February (2005-2006) had all contributed to her increase in popularity. Koda is also the elder sister of Japanese pop-rock singer-songwriter misono, and her husband is fellow J-Pop icon KENJI03.

    II. Career

    III. 1995-2000: Humble Beginnings

    Koda Kumi was the first girl born into her family. Since her mother was a lounge singer, Koda looked up to her and had dreamed of becoming a singer since elementary school.

    When she was in her teens, Koda went through a number of auditions where she sang a songs such as JUDY AND MARY's "Hello! Orange Sunshine". She even auditioned alongside Goto Maki for the 3rd generation of Morning Musume when she was seventeen. In 1999 Kumi participated in "avex dream 2000", a singing competition in which hopefuls audition for a chance to become part of avex's next popular idol group of the new millenium. Kumi performed Alone by Okamoto Mayo. After placing second in the contest, she was signed onto the rhythm zone sub-label of avex trax. It is unclear whether or not she made it into Morning Musume when she auditioned, and if she turned it down due to the fact that she signed a contract with avex trax. In December 2000, Koda's debut single, "TAKE BACK", was released. The single only reached #59 on the Oricon charts. Following her debut and partly as a result of poor promotion by avex, Koda ended up releasing a string of unsuccessful singles. Six months later, Koda released "Trust Your Love" which managed to crack the top twenty on the Oricon charts. She then released an English version of "TAKE BACK" in the United States which reached #18 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Music charts.

    Having worked very hard on writing the lyrics to these tracks and having them not sell well, Koda became depressed. She began overeating to comfort herself. Later, when asked why Kumi was so poorly promoted, Matsuura Max replied that she was overweight and that promoting her with her current image would not help. Koda then started working on her image, keeping a strict diet and committing to a vigorous exercise routine. She has also mentioned that moral support from her then boyfriend helped motivate her to stick with the routine. Near the end of 2001, Koda joined Komuro Tetsuya's charity drive, song nation. The song project, featuirng other popular avex artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi and Amuro Namie, came together to help raise money for victims of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Koda collaborated with avex label-mate BoA on the single, "the meaning of peace". In March of 2002, Koda released the single "So Into You". The single only peaked at #50, but was the lead single on her debut album, affection. affection reached #12 on the Oricon charts (a higher position than any reached by her previous single releases) and eventually sold around 100,000 copies.

    IIII. 2000-2002: Minor Success

    Koda's next couple of releases were met with mediocre sales. The singles "love across the ocean" and "m・a・z・e" only peaked at #19 and #25 respectively on the Oricon chart, and failed to sell over 30,000 copies. During this time, she also released another single in the US, "Trust Your Love". The single did well reaching #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 Sales Chart, and #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music Chart. It was rumored that Koda's contract would not be renewed and that she would be dropped from the label. Luckily, her big break came with the release of "real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba". The single contained the two songs featured in the Playstation 2 video game, Final Fantasy X-2. The single reached #3 on the Oricon charts, becoming Koda's first release to enter the top ten and selling 282,734 copies. The single was #24 highest-selling single of 2003. Within weeks of Real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba's release, Koda's second album was released. Her sophomore album, grow into one, showed off a change in style, with more of the tracks having urban flavour to them. The album reached #9 on the Oricon charts, selling over double the amount of her debut album's sales.

    IIIII. 2003 - 2005: Massive Image Change - Major Success

    Koda's next releases, ("COME WITH ME", "Gentle Words", and "Crazy 4 U") all managed to chart within the bottom half of the top twenty on Oricon. Her next album, feel my mind reached #7 on the Oricon, although it ended up selling less than grow into one. With the release of the "Crazy 4 U" music video, Koda Kumi's image had noticeably changed, changing from teen idol to a more mature image focused on sexual appeal. She and her label avex mutually agreed that it was the best move for her career to develop a sexier image (much like how Sugimoto Aya was marketed in the 1980s). This style is referred to as Ero-Kakkoii, which means Erotic-Cool. In the "Crazy 4 U" music video, Koda is scantly dressed, and dances provactively. This image transition is often compared with Christina Aguilera's change going into her music video for her song "Dirrty". The Ero-Kakkoii image would become Koda's trademark and would rocket her to fame. Success struck again for Koda with the single, "LOVE & HONEY". The a-side, "CUTIE HONEY" is a cover of 1970's anime opening by Maekawa Yoko. The song was originally found as a first press bonus track on her album, feel my mind. The song had two tie-ins: it was the opening theme song to both the Re:CUTIE HONEY anime OVA and the CUTIE HONEY live action movie (in which Koda made a cameo as the diva that sings to Sister Jill). The single did extremely well, reaching #4 on the Oricon charts and selling 150,634 copies. Koda's next single, "Chase" only manged to reached #18 on the charts and is her last single thus far to not chart within the Oricon top ten. Her next two singles, ("Kiseki" and "hands") were both ballads, and both managed to reach #7 on the Oricon charts. Koda Kumi's fourth album, secret was a major success. It reached #3 on the Oricon charts, sold a total of 522,201 copies, and became the #22 album of 2005. Two months later, she released the single "Hot Stuff", which is a collaboration with rapper KM-MARKIT.

    IIIV. 2005-2007: Best of, Black Cherry and Kingdom

    In June 2005, Koda released her 16th single, "Butterfly". The single was an instant hit, reaching #2 on the Oricon chart and becoming the #85 single of the year. The song "Butterfly" won her the 47th Japan Record Awards in December, 2005. Koda then released two more singles: "flower" and "Promise / Star". On September 21st, Koda released the album, BEST ~first things~. The album was a two-disc best-of compilation containing all of her singles up till that point (this is the only album where her previous three singles are found). The album was a massive hit and reached #1 on the Oricon charts. Even though it is a "best-of", the album is often considered Koda's breakthrough album. The album sold 1,207,793 copies in 2005, becoming the #6 album of the year as well as the highest selling album for a female artist in 2005.

    "Koi no Tsubomi" was Koda's first single to be released after the 12 singles project. Released in May 2006, it debuted at #2 with 140,000 copies sold. This gave the single the highest weekly debut sales for female artists in 2006, until Hamasaki Ayumi surpassed it with her single "BLUE BIRD" in June. The title was reclaimed by Koda after her release of "4 hot wave", which debuted at #2 behind KinKi Kids. Koda's first photobook, MAROC, was also released alongside "4 hot wave". The photos were photographed by famous fashion photographer Leslie Kee in Morocco. In October, Koda released her 33rd single "Yume no Uta / Futari de...", described as a "two-story ballad single,". Both songs on the single shared the same melody, with different lyrics and arrangements. This is because Koda felt that the melody contained both sad and happy elements. Koda's next singles were "WON'T BE LONG", a duet with fellow rhythm zone artist EXILE, and "Cherry Girl / Unmei". Both singles were released a week prior to her fifth studio album, Black Cherry. The album include all the a-side songs from her 2006 singles (excluding "Futari de..."). Black Cherry became the first studio album from a female artist to stay at the #1 position for four weeks since Hamasaki Ayumi's album third album, Duty in 2000. On March 14, 2007, Koda Kumi's third best-of compilation, BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~ (a special release limited to 300,000 copies) was released alongside her first single of 2007, "BUT / Aishou". Album and single both reached #2 on the Oricon charts. Following the trend she started with the release of "4 hot wave" in 2006, Koda released another four-track summer single, "FREAKY". FREAKY became Koda's fourth #1 single. She then released ballad single "Ai no Uta" in September, which charted at #2. Her next single, "LAST ANGEL" ( a collaboration with former rhythm zone artist Tohoshinki) features the theme song to the Japanese release of Resident Evil: Extinction. On the December 21st 2007, Koda Kumi became the seventh Japanese female artist to hold a solo concert at Tokyo Dome. Celebrating the 7th year anniversary since her debut with "TAKE BACK" tickets for the KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2007 ~Black Cherry~ SPECIAL FINAL in TOKYO DOME show were priced at ¥7,777.

    Koda's sixth studio album, Kingdom, was released on the 30th of January 2008, one week after her first single of 2008, "anytime". The album reached #1 on the Oricon charts and held the #1 position for two weeks, selling over 500,000 copies. The CD+2DVD included footage from her PREMIUM LIMITED LIVE IN HALL IN YOKOHAMA ARENA concert as well as music video's for every single track on the album.

    IIV. 2008-2010: Sexist Comment Controversy, and Drop in Sales

    On February 1, 2008, Koda Kumi was retelling the story (on the TBS radio show, All Night Nippon) of how her manager recently got married and how she had asked her manager "whether or not they would have children". When her manager replied that they wouldn't for the time being, Koda responded by commenting on how they should have children early because "when women are around 35 years old their amniotic fluid go bad". The comment was so offensive that many radio shows and newspapers received angry complaints from women around the country. avex trax decided that all promotion of Kingdom was to be canceled. Koda's official website was shut down. Websites featuring her were also closed down by companies that endorsed her, such as Kirin and Kose Vise. One week later, Koda Kumi appeared in an exclusive interview on Fuji TV's "FNN Super News" to apologize for the offensive remark she made. Even though she tearfully apologized for the harm she caused, reactions to Koda's apology were mostly negative. An informal poll taken after the broadcast through Sankei Sports' website indicated that 81% of the viewers felt the apology was insufficient while only 9% said it was enough. As of April 2008, her endorsements with Kosé and Gillette were reopened. However, she is no longer the spokesperson for Honda, Kirin, and GemCerey. On March 31, 2008 her KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2007 ~Black Cherry~ SPECIAL FINAL in TOKYO DOME DVD was released and reached #1 on the Oricon DVD Charts. Her LIVE TOUR 2008 ~Kingdom~ went on as planned, starting on April 12, 2008, where she again apologized for her controversial remark. The shows on the 15th and 17th of May, 2008 at Yoyogi National First Gymnasium, Tokyo, were filmed for a WOWOW TV broadcast on the 26th of July. LIVE TOUR 2008 ~Kingdom~ was released on DVD on September 24, 2008, becoming her fifth consecutive #1 DVD. On April 17, 2008, Avex Entertainment announced Koda's 40th single, a "four-elements single," featuring four tracks (much like "FREAKY" and "4 hot wave") called "MOON". It was released on June 11, 2008 and reached #2 on the Oricon Single Charts. Koda followed the release of "MOON" with her 41st single, "TABOO" on October 8, 2008. TABOO reached #1 on the Oricon chart, making it her fifth #1 single. Her 42nd single, "stay with me", was released on December 24th, 2008 and also debuted at #1. It is described as a "winter love ballad" and is featured in the au LISMO CM. On January 28, 2009, Koda released her seventh studio album, TRICK, which topped the Oricon Charts at #1 for 2 consecutive weeks. On March 25th, Koda released two albums: Out Works & Collaboration Best and Driving Hit's, the latter is a remix album remixed entirely by HOUSE NATION. On March 31, 2009, Koda released her 43rd single, "It's all Love!" a collaboration with her younger sister, misono. The second song on the single, "faraway", was a solo ballad by Koda, and was used as a theme song for the movie "Subaru".

    IIVI. 2011-2014: Marriage, Motherhood and return to Public Acceptance

    Following her trend of first-quarter album releases, her ninth album Dejavu released on March 2, 2011. The album was notably a return to her J-Urban, J-R&B form with songs like "Okay", "Passing By", and "AT THE WEEKEND". It was front-lined by her up-tempo hit singles "POP DIVA" and "Lollipop". At the end of March, Koda began a seven-month concert tour for Dejavu that culminated at the end of October. On August 2, 2011, Koda released two limited edition DVD sets: Aka Ban and Ao Ban (lit. Red Disc and Blue Disc). They each contained a DVD of 25 "best" live performances from her concerts in digest format, as well as behind the scenes footage of her PVs. The sets also came with a photobook. The artwork for each set came from her upcoming single "4 TIMES", which would be released a few weeks later. Following the tradition of Koda's summer singles, it was a maxi release with four songs: "Poppin' love cocktail" feat. TEEDA, "V.I.P.", "IN THE AIR", and "KO-SO-KO-SO". On December 13, 2011, Koda announced on her website that she would be marrying BACK-ON's guitarist and vocalist KENJI03 by the end of the month. She had met KENJI03 while recording "Poppin' love cocktail" with his bandmate TEEDA. Three days later, she revealed her pregnancy to her fans at a fanclub mini-concert.

    Shortly before she began touring, her second cover album dropped, titled Color The Cover. As promotion for the various songs, she performed a handful of them on live TV with the original artists. The album included the B-side to the "Koishikute" single, "Alone", the Okamoto Mayo song Koda sang in the audition that landed her career. It also included a controversial, highly synthesized version of "Pink Spider" by hide. 2013 saw the release of many digital live albums for all of her concert tours from TRICK to JAPONESQUE, as well as five digital-only best-of releases. In the run-up to her eleventh album Bon Voyage, Koda released three singles: "Summer Trip", "Dreaming Now!", and the digital-only "SHOW ME YOUR HOLLA". "Summer Trip" followed Koda's summer single tradition and included three A-sides. The title song of "Dreaming Now!" was used as the theme for NTV's 'Volleyball World Grand Champion Cups 2013'. Bon Voyage released on February 26, 2014. The album marked the beginning of her more Western-inspired style, with tracks like "LOL", "TOUCH DOWN", and "LOADED" feat. Sean Paul. In addition to more American-style beats, her music begins to exhibit more English, especially in the form of slang. The album's fanclub release contained footage from her second 'Let's Party' fanclub performance. A few weeks later she commenced her tour for the album.

    IIVII. 2015-2017: 15th anniversary and W Face

    The year 2015 marked Koda's fifteenth year in the music industry. She celebrated the year with a four-night concert series dubbed The Artist, in addition to her Live Tour 2015 for her newest album WALK OF MY LIFE. On July 22, 2015, Koda released the first of a two-part best-of collection, SUMMER of LOVE. The album included her more upbeat and energetic hits from the past ten years. Almost exactly six months later in January 2016, the second part, WINTER of LOVE, was released. It was a collection of her ballads and down-tempo love songs from the previous ten years. Its release in CD+Bluray format marked the first release of several older PVs in ultra HD format. On July 18, 2015, Koda would perform her first show in Singapore. During a press event held the day before, she admitted to having issues with her self-esteem. Via a translator, she was quoted as saying, "I have actually never really felt that I am sexy and I do have low self-esteem. There are things about me that I don't feel so comfortable about, but I use fashion and other things to boost my confidence." Without a major studio album to promote, Koda's 2016 schedule was almost entirely taken up by a seven-month tour in which she performed in each of the 47 prefectures. The concert tour was titled KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2016 ~Best Single Collection~, and was a showcase of her most popular singles since her debut in 2000. She also released one new single that featured in the show, titled "Shhh!". It was released in four limited-run versions each with their own unique cover; one was available to the public through mu-mo, while the three others were only sold at live venues ahead of her shows. Koda's 2017 album release was her first dual-release of studio albums. W FACE ~inside~ and W FACE ~outside~ were simultaneously released on March 8, 2017. The dual-release of albums would become a new tradition for Koda, similar to her old summer maxi single releases. With the exception of re(CORD), every Koda Kumi studio album release has been split into two separate albums since 2017. W FACE ~outside~ and W FACE ~inside~ debuted at #1 and #2 on the Oricon charts, respectively. Outside was a series of more aggressive, energetic songs, while Inside contained more introspective and ballad songs.

    Following the style of her release of "Shhh!", Koda released three venue and fanclub-only physical singles every two months and two days beginning on August 2, 2017 with "LIT", followed by "HUSH" on October 4th, and "NEVER ENOUGH" on December 6th. These are the last physical singles Koda has released, and were unique in that the covers were vinyl-sized.

    IIVIII. 2018-2019: Double Albums

    2018 saw the release of dual albums with palindrome titles, AND and DNA. Their release dates were also palindromes of one another, with AND releasing on February 28t and DNA releasing on August 22nd. Prior to the release of AND, Koda stated in an interview that she had been taking vocal lessons to improve her sound and range for the new album. She stated that she wanted to "be better at singing." Indeed, her range was noticeably greater in tracks like "HUSH". Unfortunately, Koda's twelve-year streak of #1 album debuts came to an end with the release of AND, which debuted at #2 and within a week fell to the #6 spot. DNA would also debut at #2. Contrasting the bright colors of AND's covers, DNA's covers were almost exclusively shades of black, white and gray, however, the large prop letters from AND were reused to spell DNA. Additionally, while the tracks on AND were lighthearted, upbeat pop songs, the songs featured on DNA were darker and more mature in tone and theme, with rock and J-Urban sounds dominating the feel of the album. "Guess Who Is Back", a rock anthem, was Koda's fourth song to be used as an anime theme, being the fourth opening song for the Black Clover series. As well as having dual albums in 2018, Koda also had dual concert tours beginning in April with a string of fanclub-only performances under the heading Koda Kumi Fanclub Tour ~AND~ which lasted until June. Footage from the concert would be released exclusively on the limited CD+3DVD fanclub release of DNA as well as the limited 4DVD release of her Live Tour 2018 concert. Koda's next and main tour of 2018 was KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2018 -DNA-, which spanned a three-month period beginning in September 2018 and culminating in her first-ever New Year's Eve countdown performance in Tokyo, complete with its own special setlist. Prior to the home video release of the concert, footage was shown in a limited theater run between March 8-10 of 2019 at AEON Cinemas in Japan; This is the first time any of her concerts have had theater runs.

    In the run up to her new album, Koda released a whopping nine digital singles - over half of the tracklist of her upcoming album - for three months straight, starting July 3, 2019 with "Eh Yo" and ending with the October 30, 2019 release of "again". Koda Kumi broke with her customs and released her next studio album as a stand-alone in the final quarter of the year. re(CORD) was released on her 37th birthday, November 13, 2019, and became her third straight album to fail to debut at #1 on the Oricon charts - instead debuting at #4.

    The album contained two covers of Ricky Martin's 1999 hit "Livin' la Vida Loca", and a cover of Go Hiromi's 1999 "GOLDFINGER", his Japanese cover of "Livin' la Vida Loca" - similar to the original song's release in Spanish and in English. Koda also collaborated with Sean Paul for the second time with "Rich & Famous", a song that samples Koda's own 2018 song "CHANCES ALL". Koda's major tour of 2019 was similar to KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2016 ~Best Single Collection~, in that it did not, in fact, promote her newest album. Instead, it revisited two previous concert tours, LIVE TOUR 2007 ~Black Cherry~ and KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2013 ~JAPONESQUE~. She recreated the performances from these two tours almost exactly, with changes and improvements upon the choreography, wardrobe and stunts such as the opening of Black Cherry with Koda submerged in a tank of water. It was all a part of her upcoming celebration of her 20th anniversary as a studio artist: if you add the '07 from 2007 and '13 from 2013, you get '20.

    Fittingly, this new 2019-2020 concert series was titled KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 re(LIVE). She would perform half of each old tour's setlist, and then perform her newest 2019 songs towards the end of each performance. The show featured both the Black Cherry and Japonesque setlists, almost back-to-back, and was marketed as a "long stay" event; the shows began as early as 1:30pm starting with Black Cherry, and JAPONESQUE starting that same day at 7pm. In addition to updated costumes for the events, Koda also wore the same trademark pirate outfit from 2007 for a portion of her 2019 Black Cherry performance, as well as the 2013 kimono for her JAPONESQUE show. The revival of the iconic pirate and oiran costumes was also seen in the PVs for "SHUTOUT" and "STRIP", respectively, in which present-day Koda in her updated outfit is facing off against Koda of the past in the older costume. The tour ran from September to October of 2019, then returned in February 2020 for two final shows. The concert was released in several video and audio formats one month later on March 11, 2020. Each half of the concert was released separately, in standard 2DVD and Blu-ray formats. There was a limited-edition fanclub 4CD audio edition available only to playroom and Koda Gumi members. The audio version is also available in digital format on platforms such as iTunes, and there is also a non-stop mix of each of the concerts available digitally: re(LIVE) -Black Cherry- iamSHUM Non-Stop Mix and re(LIVE) -JAPONESQUE- REMO-CON Non-Stop Mix.

    IIIX. 2020-2021: My Name Is...

    In 2020, Koda would be celebrating her 20th anniversary as a singer in the music industry. In late February of 2020, Koda hinted at a fall arena tour. In late March, Koda announced what would be the firm schedule for her 2020 arena tour, in spite of the COVID-19 outbreak. She would visit a total of four cities from September 12 to December 6, 2020: her exact 20th anniversary. In April, a #STAYHOME initiative was started, and Koda took part to entertain fans. She performed acapella on Instagram livestreams and shared "how-to-dance" videos for several PVs. In addition to full versions of all her PVs being uploaded to YouTube, all of her previous live tours with the exception of re(LIVE) were uploaded. She also performed from home her 2009 summer B-side "Hashire!" as part of the "MUSIC AID FEST -FOR POST PANDEMIC-". Her new songs were recorded from her home studio, and the song and PV for "puff" was based on keeping fit in a fun way despite the stay-at-home orders. The PV was shot from home using her cell phone, and debuted on YouTube in late June. At the end of July, a limited edition album was announced, titled MY NAME IS..., to be released only to her fanclub on September 11, 2020: one day before her tour started. Her tour was also aptly titled KODA KUMI 20TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 -MY NAME IS...-. Along with the newest summer singles "puff", "Lucky Star" and "XXKK", MY NAME IS... was host to a number of recent and older 2010s hits. Her 2020 tour setlist reflected the tracklist almost exactly. In August, Koda took part in the digital a-nation 2020 event, which was streamed entirely online. On September 12, 2020, Koda gave her first performance in her 20th anniversary tour. Though a masked, socially-distanced audience was present, the event was also available for a worldwide audience via a mu-mo livestream. It later aired on TV Asashi. On October 10, 2020, Koda announced a December 12 release of two mini albums: angeL (MY NAME IS...) and monsteR (MY NAME IS...), thus recommencing her recent tradition of releasing dual studio albums. They were to include most of her new songs of 2020 as well as eight additional tracks not yet known; this would be the first time songs like "XXKK" would be commercially-available in physical format.

    III. Discography

    IIII. Japanese Discography

    IIIII. Studio Albums

    [2002.03.27] affection

    [2003.03.19] grow into one

    [2004.02.18] feel my mind

    [2005.02.09] secret

    [2006.12.20] Black Cherry

    [2008.01.30] Kingdom

    [2009.01.28] TRICK

    [2010.02.03] UNIVERSE

    [2011.03.02] Dejavu

    [2012.01.25] JAPONESQUE

    [2014.02.26] Bon Voyage

    [2015.03.18] WALK OF MY LIFE

    [2017.03.08] W FACE ~inside~

    [2017.03.08] W FACE ~outside~

    [2018.02.28] AND

    [2018.08.22] DNA

    [2019.11.13] re(CORD)

    IIIIII. Mini-Albums

    [2020.12.02] angeL [MY NAME IS…]

    [2020.12.02] monsteR [MY NAME IS…]

    [2020.12.02] angeL + monsteR [MY NAME IS…]

    IIIIIII. Best Albums

    [2005.09.21] BEST ~first things~

    [2006.03.08] BEST ~second session~

    [2007.03.14] BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~

    [2009.03.25] Out Works & Collaboration Best

    [2010.02.03] BEST ~third universe~

    [2013.07.31] Summer Single Collection 2013 (Digital)

    [2013.09.30] mu-mo Gentei ☆ Koda Kumi 2013 SUMMER BEST 3 (Digital)

    [2013.09.30] mu-mo Gentei ☆ Koda Kumi 2013 SUMMER BEST 6 (Digital)

    [2013.10.01] Kumi Koda Complete Best (Digital)

    [2013.11.13] Winter Ballad Collection 2013 (Digital)

    [2014.06.11] Happy Love Song Collection 2014 (Digital)

    [2015.07.22] SUMMER of LOVE

    [2016.01.20] WINTER of LOVE

    [2020.09.11] MY NAME IS...

    IIIIIV. Remix Albums

    [2006.02.22] KODA KUMI REMIX ALBUM (Digital)

    [2009.03.25] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S

    [2010.03.31] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 2

    [2011.05.04] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 3

    [2012.03.14] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 4

    [2012.08.01] Beach Mix

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 5

    [2014.03.19] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 6

    [2017.04.05] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 7

    [2018.03.28] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 8

    [2019.02.20] KODA KUMI DRIVING HIT'S 9

    [2020.03.11] re(MIX)

    [2020.03.11] re(LIVE) -Black Cherry- iamSHUM Non-Stop Mix (Digital)

    [2020.03.11] re(LIVE) -JAPONESQUE- REMO-CON Non-Stop Mix (Digital)

    IIIIV. Cover Albums

    [2010.10.13] ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~

    [2013.02.27] Color The Cover

    IIIIVI. Live Albums

    [2009.03.04] KODA KUMI SPECIAL LIVE "Dirty Ballroom" ~One Night Show~ (10 Songs Version) (Digital)

    [2012.02.08] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2011 ~Dejavu~

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI "ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~" at Billboard Live

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2008 ~Kingdom~

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2009 ~TRICK~

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2010 Universe

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~ in TOKYO DOME

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~

    [2013.12.04] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2013 ~JAPONESQUE~ (Digital)

    [2014.10.08] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2014 ~Bon Voyage~ (Digital)

    [2015.11.04] Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Live Tour 2015 ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    [2016.11.02] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2016 ~Best Single Collection~

    [2017.12.06] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2017 -W FACE- SET LIST (Digital)

    [2018.03.28] Koda Kumi Fanclub Tour ~AND~ SET LIST (Digital)

    [2019.01.01] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2018 ~DNA~ SET LIST (Digital)

    [2019.03.20] Koda Kumi Fanclub Tour -AND- (Digital)

    [2019.03.20] Koda Kumi Live Tour 2018 -DNA-

    [2020.03.11] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 re(LIVE) -Black Cherry-

    [2020.03.11] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 re(LIVE) -JAPONESQUE-

    IIIIVII. Singles

    [2000.12.06] TAKE BACK

    [2001.05.09] Trust Your Love

    [2001.10.03] COLOR OF SOUL

    [2002.03.13] So Into You

    [2002.07.24] love across the ocean

    [2002.12.11] m·a·z·e

    [2003.03.05] real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba (1000の言葉; 1000 Words)

    [2003.08.27] COME WITH ME

    [2003.12.10] Gentle Words

    [2004.01.15] Crazy 4 U

    [2004.05.26] LOVE & HONEY

    [2004.07.28] Chase

    [2004.09.08] Kiseki (奇跡; Miracle)

    [2005.01.19] hands

    [2005.04.13] Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT

    [2005.06.22] Butterfly

    [2005.08.10] flower

    [2005.09.07] Promise / Star

    [2005.12.07] you

    [2005.12.14] Birthday Eve

    [2005.12.21] D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD

    [2005.12.28] Shake It Up

    [2006.01.04] Lies

    [2006.01.11] feel

    [2006.01.18] Candy feat. Mr.Blistah

    [2006.01.25] No Regret

    [2006.02.01] Ima Sugu Hoshii (今すぐ欲しい; I Want You Now)

    [2006.02.08] KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatuya

    [2006.02.15] WIND

    [2006.02.22] Someday / Boys♡Girls

    [2006.05.24] Koi no Tsubomi (恋のつぼみ; Bud of Love)

    [2006.07.26] 4 hot wave

    [2006.10.18] Yume no Uta / Futari de... (夢のうた / ふたりで...; Dream Song / Together...)

    [2006.12.06] Cherry Girl / Unmei (運命; Destiny)

    [2007.03.14] BUT / Aishou (愛証; Proof of Love)

    [2007.06.27] FREAKY

    [2007.09.12] Ai no Uta (愛のうた; Love Song)

    [2007.11.07] LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki

    [2008.01.23] anytime

    [2008.06.11] MOON

    [2008.10.08] TABOO

    [2008.12.24] stay with me

    [2009.03.31] It's all Love! (Koda Kumi x misono)

    [2009.07.08] 3 SPLASH

    [2009.09.16] Alive / Physical thing

    [2010.01.20] Can We Go Back

    [2010.07.07] Gossip Candy

    [2010.09.22] Suki de, Suki de, Suki de. / Anata Dake ga (好きで、好きで、好きで。 / あなただけが; I Love, I Love, I Love / Only You)

    [2011.02.02] POP DIVA

    [2011.08.17] 4 TIMES

    [2011.09.21] Ai wo Tomenaide (愛を止めないで; Don't Stop the Love)

    [2011.11.30] Love Me Back

    [2012.10.24] Go to the top

    [2012.12.26] Koishikute (恋しくて; Darling)

    [2013.07.31] Summer Trip

    [2013.11.13] Dreaming Now!

    [2014.08.06] HOTEL

    [2014.11.12] Dance In The Rain

    [2016.04.09] Shhh!

    [2017.08.02] LIT

    [2017.10.04] HUSH

    [2017.12.06] NEVER ENOUGH

    IIIIVIII. Digital Downloads

    [2004.xx.xx] Yume with you - R.Yamaki's Bounce Mix

    [2006.03.01] Get It On

    [2008.10.29] Single Medley (Shake It Up~BUT~real Emotion~Butterfly~Crazy 4 U)

    [2011.12.01] Hey baby!

    [2012.01.18] Brave

    [2012.01.18] So Nice feat. Mr.Blistah

    [2012.01.18] Slow feat. Omarion

    [2012.01.18] ESCALATE

    [2012.01.18] No Man's Land

    [2012.01.18] Boom Boom Boys

    [2012.07.25] Whatchu Waitin' On?

    [2013.02.13] Lovely (ラブリー)

    [2013.07.24] LALALALALA

    [2014.02.12] SHOW ME YOUR HOLLA

    [2014.07.30] HOTEL

    [2014.11.05] Dance In The Rain

    [2017.02.22] Ultraviolet

    [2017.02.22] On My Way

    [2017.03.01] Yorokobi no Kakera (喜びのかけら; Fragment of Pleasure)

    [2017.03.01] Wicked Girls

    [2019.07.03] Eh Yo

    [2019.07.10] Summer Time

    [2019.07.17] DO ME

    [2019.08.14] GOLDFINGER 2019

    [2019.09.13] Put Your Hands Up!!! (プチョヘンザッ!!!)

    [2019.09.18] OMG

    [2019.10.16] STRIP

    [2019.10.23] GET NAKED

    [2019.10.30] again

    [2020.06.26] puff

    [2020.08.28] Lucky Star

    [2020.09.04] XXKK

    [2020.11.13] I'm Lovin'

    [2020.11.19] Killer monsteR

    [2020.11.26] RUN

    IIIIIX. Split Singles

    [2001.12.19] Koda Kumi & BoA - "the meaning of peace"

    [2019.11.24] EXILE ATSUSHI × Koda Kumi - WON'T BE LONG -2019- feat. EXILE MAKIDAI

    [2020.07.25] EXILE ATSUSHI × Koda Kumi - OSAKA TOKYO (オーサカトーキョー)

    [2021.02.15] Koda Kumi and 20 other artists - My Hero~Miracle Song~ (~奇跡の唄~) (Charity Song)

    IIIIX. Music Cards

    [2013.02.27] Shake Hip!

    [2013.02.27] Lovely

    [2013.02.27] Color The Cover

    [2013.03.16] JAPONESQUE LIVE

    IIIIXI. Vinyls

    [2001.xx.xx] TAKE BACK Main Club Mix / Your Song "Original Mix"

    [2001.xx.xx] Trust Your Love

    [2002.07.24] love across the ocean

    [2004.03.09] COME WITH ME

    [2007.03.28] BUT

    Promo Releases


    [2012.xx.xx] Pachinko CR Love Romance Koda Kumi (パチンコ)


    IIIIXII. Video Releases

    [2003.03.19] 7 SPIRITS

    [2004.03.24] feel...

    [2004.11.25] girls ~Selfish~

    [2005.09.21] secret ~FIRST CLASS LIMITED LIVE~

    [2006.09.13] LIVE TOUR 2005 ~first things~

    [2007.03.28] LIVE TOUR 2006~2007 ~second session~

    [2008.03.31] LIVE TOUR 2007 ~Black Cherry~ SPECIAL FINAL in TOKYO DOME

    [2008.09.24] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2008 ~Kingdom~

    [2009.02.25] KODA KUMI FAN CLUB EVENT 2008 "Let's Party Vol.1" (Fanclub only)

    [2009.10.21] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2009 ~TRICK~

    [2010.01.29] Koda Kumi Premium DVD (倖田來未プレミアムDVD)

    [2010.03.10] KODA KUMI 2009 TAIWAN LIVE (Fanclub only)

    [2010.07.17] KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary BEST LIVE DVD BOX

    [2010.10.06] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2010 Universe

    [2011.02.23] KODA KUMI "ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~" at Billboard Live

    [2011.05.18] KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~ in TOKYO DOME

    [2011.08.02] Koda Kumi LIVE DVD SINGLES BEST Ao Ban (倖田來未 LIVE DVD SINGLES BEST 青盤; Blue Edition)

    [2011.08.02] Koda Kumi LIVE DVD SINGLES BEST Aka Ban (倖田來未 LIVE DVD SINGLES BEST 赤盤; Red Edition)

    [2012.02.08] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2011 ~Dejavu~

    [2013.03.20] KODA KUMI Premium Night ~Love & Songs~

    [2013.12.04] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2013 ~JAPONESQUE~

    [2014.10.08] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2014 ~Bon Voyage~

    [2015.03.26] KODA KUMI 15th Anniversary BEST LIVE HISTORY DVD BOOK

    [2015.12.02] Koda Kumi 15th Anniversary Live Tour 2015 ~WALK OF MY LIFE~

    [2016.03.23] KODA KUMI 15th Anniversary LIVE The Artist

    [2016.11.16] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2016 ~Best Single Collection~

    [2017.01.31] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2016 ~Best Single Collection~ documentary film

    [2017.04.08] W FACE (Live Venue only)

    [2017.12.06] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2017 -W FACE-

    [2019.03.20] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2018 -DNA-

    [2020.03.11] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 re(LIVE) -Black Cherry-

    [2020.03.11] KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2019 re(LIVE) -JAPONESQUE-

    [2021.03.10] KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 MY NAME IS ...

    IIIIXIII. Other Video Releases

    [2003.12.17] a-nation '03 avex summer festa "a-nation" (#6 COME WITH ME)

    [2005.10.26] a-nation '05 BEST HIT LIVE (#8 "CUTIE HONEY")

    [2006.11.08] a-nation '06 BEST HIT LIVE (#13 "Ningyo Hime")

    [2007.07.11] Rhythm Nation 2006 -The Biggest Indoor Music Festival- (#27 "Unmei", #28 "Ningyo Hime", #29 "WON'T BE LONG")

    [2007.11.07] a-nation '07 BEST HIT LIVE (#14 "FREAKY")

    [2008.04.02] Rhythm Nation 2007 -The Biggest Indoor Music Festival- (#20 "BUT", #21 "girls")

    [2008.08.06] 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~ (#16, "LAST ANGEL")

    [2008.11.26] a-nation '08 -avex All Cast Special Live- (#13 "Lady Go!", #14 "Moon Crying", #15 "FREAKY")

    [2009.11.18] a-nation '09 BEST HIT LIVE (#14 "ECSTASY")

    [2010.04.21] Live & Documentary DVD "ap bank fes '09" (#37 "Ai no Uta")

    [2010.11.24] a-nation '10 BEST HIT LIVE (#1 "Lollipop", #2 "UNIVERSE")

    [2011.12.14] a-nation for Life (#15 "BE MY BABY", #16 "Cutie Honey", #17 "Poppin' Love cocktail feat. TEEDA")

    IIIII. US Discography

    IIIIII. Singles

    [2001.05.12] Take Back

    [2002.11.02] Trust Your Love

    IIIIIII. Vinyls

    [2001.xx.xx] Trust Your Love / Take Back (Blackwatch Remixes)

    [2001.xx.xx] Take Back

    [2001.xx.xx] Trust Your Love