• Stage Name: Hongbin
    Birth Name: Lee Hong Bin

    Group: VIXX (Former Member)
    Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

    Birthday: September 29, 1993

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Blood Type: B

    II. Hongbin Facts

    – He was born in Jayang-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
    – He has two older sisters
    – Nicknames: Visual Master, Beans, Kong
    Favorite food: Spaghetti, Curry, Korean Sweet and Sour Pork
    – Favorite colors: Navy Blue
    – Hobbies: Taking photos and playing basketball
    – He loves Overwatch, Hongbin was #7 worldwide on the Overwatch leaderboards.
    – If he were a girl, he would go out with Ken because Ken would be fun to be with and also because he wants Ken to sing him songs.
    – He has been a fan of Park Hyoshin ever since he was in middle school.
    – Hongbin doesn’t like to do aegyo.

    - He's really close with B1A4's Gongchan, they once filmed Celebs Bromance together.

    – Hongbin acted in Korean dramas: “Glorious Day” (2014), “Moorim School” (2016), “Wednesday 3:30 pm” (2017), “Witch’s Love” (2018), “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” (2018)
    – He played in the web-drama “What’s Up With These Kids?” (2016), alongside with N and AOA’s Chanmi. Hongbin played Jin Si Hwan (N’s rival), the troublemaker son of a wealthy family.
    – On August 7, 2020, his departure from VIXX & Jellyfish Entertainment was announced following his drunk livestream controversy on Twitch.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)