• Stage Name: Chiwoo
    Birth Name: Guk Seungjun

    Group: KINGDOM
    Position: Rapper, Maknae

    Birthday: September 2, 2002

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    II. Chiwoo Facts

    – Specialties: Dancing, Soccer
    – Hobbies: Gaming, Listening to Music
    – His stage name comes from Emperor Chiyou of China.
    – Nickname: Steve
    – Nobody quite knows where the nickname Steve came from, not even Jahan, who was the interviewee at the time.
    – Chiwoo plays League of Legends (LoL)
    – Chiwoo is a big fan of the variety show called ‘Knowing Brothers‘ and has watched every episode.
    – He claims to be the mood maker of the group.
    – He has a habit of rubbing his face because of his sensitive skin.
    – He likes cats and fantasy movies, such as Lord of the Rings.
    – His favorite foods are shrimp and grilled clams.
    – Chiwoo and Ivan share a room.
    – He is good at imitations.
    Louis said that Chiwoo always looks after the other members and takes care to ask what they want to make them happy.
    – He likes exercising with the members.
    – He was casted by the head of GF Ent at the Yeouido Dance Competition.
    – Jahan said that Chiwoo is good at soccer, but not good at studying.
    – He had wanted to be a soccer player at first, but after watching BTS DNA performance, he wanted to become an idol.
    – Jahan described Chiwoo as being playful and witty, but can sometimes be really crazy.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)