• Stage Name: Seoryoung
    Real Name: Lee Seo Ryoung

    Group: GWSN
    Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

    Birthday: January 26, 2000

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    Blood Type: B

    II. Seoryoung Facts

    -She is from Masan, South Korea.
    -She participated in a music competition when she was in school and won second place.
    -Seoryoung recruited to GWSN through a national audition tour.
    -She calls herself the “Fairy Leader” because she’s cute like a fairy.
    -Her favorite colors are light pink and light purple.
    -Miya, Seoryoung, and Soso are roommates.
    -She thinks the killing part of Red Sun is the ‚Count to Three amd go to sleep Red Sun’ part
    -The members told her she looked like Tinkerbell in her blue dress from the Red Sun MV.
    -While shooting the Red Sun MV, she actually fell asleep during one scene.
    -She can play the guitar.
    -Her specialty is Japanese.
    -She’s the one who greets in a loud voice.
    -Role Modelo: IU, Taeyeon
    -She can sing ballad and trot songs.
    -Seoryoung can mimic the sound of a bottle being opened.
    -She is currently studying Japanese.
    -Her hobby is writing lyrics.
    -Seoryoung released a single with Highlight's Dongwoon called “Color Me”.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)